Eat, Drink, Party: 2KW's Hot Picks

Eat, Drink, Party: 2KW’s Hot Picks

This is the last installment of Eat, Drink, Party for 2015, so we made it a good one…


Having just been named one of Australia’s hottest new restaurants for 2015 (congrats guys and see our story here), it only seemed right that this week’s Eat, Drink, Party is all about 2KW Bar and Restaurant.

As we have mentioned in our last editions of Eat, Drink, Party, we are lucky enough at Glam to get to lap up the new and vibrant venues as they pop up but this time, we thought we would ask the experts from some of our fave Adelaide destinations where we should be heading out for a meal, a casual drink… and then perhaps a few more drinks and a bit of tail feather shaking. Because if anyone would know, it’s them, right!

This week it is over to Martin Palmer, Owner at 2KW:

meal: My favourite place for a meal in Adelaide is Regent Thai on O’Connell Street. Te is an amazing host with an amazing story. He is a great restaurateur, he doesn’t miss a thing!

a casual drink: For a casual drink, I love The Kentish on Stanley Street in North Adelaide. It is a true community pub with some good booze, which is obviously a bonus!

heading out: Of course I am biased but how do you go past 2KW Bar and Restaurant? Great cocktails, extensive wine list, some cool vibes and the view is not bad either….a bar of international standard right in the heart of town!

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