Eat, Drink, Party: Little Miss Group's Hot Picks

Eat, Drink, Party: Little Miss Group’s Hot Picks

Where does one of the hottest venue owners in Adelaide Eat, Drink and Party? We can tell you…


His is a well known name around Adelaide, and for good reason! He has an impressive list of venues under his belt that have breathed excitment and spark into Adelaide’s nightlife. With Little Miss Dive Shop and Crab Shack, Fat Controller and, of course, Royal Croquet Club… We can only be talking about Stu Duckworth!

Having recently taken the RCC national, it’s suprising that he has a spare moment to sleep, let alone eat, drink and party. But this man of many talents manages it, and that’s why we have hit him up for this week’s edition of Eat, Drink, Party. Because who doesn’t want to know where one of Adelaide’s most famous venue owners heads when he is looking to wind down (or up)?!

And here they are eager readers, the answers straight from the Co-Owner of Fat Controller, Little Miss Dive Shop and Crab Shack and Royal Croquet Club, Stu Duckworth:

eat: That is a tricky question as I love eating out at quite a few different places at the moment, but if I had to choose, I think it would be… Gondola Gondola. Great fit out of an empty shop, delicious modern Asian eats and it always has a good vibe… Plus, who doesn’t love sake?!

casual drink: I’m loving the new kid on the block, Pink Moon Saloon. It has an amazing interior and unique layout for a small venue. It means there’s plenty to look at and enjoy while you sip delicious drinks. The food is pretty amazing too.

heading outGo Go Lady Boy (& Fat Controller – obviously). Go Go Lady Boy, because it is always good for a party tune and late night boogie. It always delivers the goods, and is set to be even more exciting with Supercalifornia! I’m looking forward to that. But I can’t go past a late, late night dance-off in the Fat Man’s basement!

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