“Eat With The Podcast” launches, promising candid chats with food personalities

‘Eat With The Podcast’ has launched with host Hannah Pendlebury taking you on a food adventure as she dines with chefs and food personalities at their favourite spots.

February marks the exciting launch of a new podcast, ‘Eat With The Podcast,’ presented by the passionate and, let’s face it, hungry host, Hannah Pendlebury.

Far from the ordinary, ‘Eat With The Podcast’ takes listeners on a food adventure as Hannah dines with chefs and food personalities at their favourite spots, engaging in unfiltered conversations that explore the intricacies of the food world.

The show promises to be anything but boring. Each episode features no-holds-barred discussions with industry insiders, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and stories of those who shape the culinary landscape.

From the good to the bad and the downright ugly, these episodes delve into the raw realities of the food industry.

Host Hannah Pendlebury, a self-proclaimed food enthusiast with a penchant for both fine dining and offbeat culinary experiences, brings a refreshing perspective to the podcast. A published food writer, blogger, and seasoned world traveler, Hannah fangirls over chefs like they were pop stars and seeks out the most extraordinary culinary experiences like no other.

“I wanted people who adore food the way I do to have a place to go to listen to their favourite food personalities. Chefs are a unique breed. And often fascinating people. Why not listen to them tell their own stories? Unfiltered and honest. Just like chefs usually are. There’s a lot that happens behind the pass that you don’t get to see or hear,” she says.

It’s irreverent. It’s funny. It’s sometimes crude. Unlike other food podcasts that either get bogged down in tedious details or lack real expertise, ‘Eat With The Podcast’ promises to serve up a delicious blend of entertainment and insight.

Episode One features cheeky yet talented Executive Chef Jamie Carter of Sidewood Estate. Expect expletives from the outset, tales of debauchery, and an unwavering passion for food.

Hannah’s contagious enthusiasm and the diverse backgrounds of her guests ensure that listeners will gain further appreciation for the minds of those who dedicate their lives to the art of food, all while having a really good time.

Listeners can catch the first episode of ‘Eat With The Podcast’ on all major platforms from Tuesday, February 6th. Listen here.

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