Eden Sets A New Benchmark In Innovative Dining

85Adelaide restaurant Eden Dining Room & Bar has set a new benchmark in innovative dining with a sustainable approach, launching a unique climate controlled wine blending room, tasting flights, and an aquaponics system.

Eden’s wine blending room at the Marina in Holdfast Shores, is the only one of its kind in-house in Australia. Customers are encouraged to take a ‘tasting flight’ through the different varieties, or to create their own personal blend, based on their palate or Eden’s recommendations.

84Eden Dining Room & Bar owner, Chad Hanson explains, “Our wine blending room has eight stainless steel wine storage tanks that each holds up to 100 litres of wine. A great relationship with local wine makers allows us to purchase wine directly from the barrel for our tanks, so that our customers can learn about the wine blending process and enjoy the journey of creating a blend”.

The wine blending room is climate controlled and the wine storage tanks are connected to an argon gas system, which prevents the wine from oxidating.

Eden Dining Room & Bar’s innovative in-house aquaponics system will be used to grow fresh leafy greens for the menu. Aquaponics is the sustainable symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.

Chad said, “The fish are kept in a tank beneath the plants’ growth beds and are supplied with water from the tank. The fish by-products are funnelled to the growth beds providing the plants with the nutrients necessary for rapid growth. The clean water is then funnelled back into the fish tank”.

100Mr Hanson opened the restaurant 18 months ago, and since then Eden has continued to evolve. Eden’s unique menu uses only the freshest ingredients, focusing on ethically and sustainably sourced produce. The restaurant has an organic, elegant design, featuring raw materials and natural finishes.

Classically trained Head Chef Mirco Ruthoff said, “I am constantly researching and experimenting with new cuisines and unique flavour pairing to discover dynamic and distinct menu ideas worthy of our menu”.

“We take inspiration from worldly culinary styles and techniques while focusing on local and seasonal ingredients, making sure that whatever we use has the capacity to regenerate”.

On any one day there are up to five specials on offer, showcasing the freshest market ingredients available. The restaurant lives by its values, delivering the best in modern cuisine – handmade wherever possible.

80“We make as much as we can in-house to ensure our dishes are consistently of the highest possible standard. Each day we churn butter, bake bread, roll pasta, cure small goods, pickle vegetables and confit meats,” said Mirco.

Eden Dining Room & Bar has also earned a reputation as a go to cocktail bar, and Chad’s passion for creating cocktails comes from his background as an award winning bartender, representing Australia in the Cocktail World Cup in 2012.

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