Edible Blooms launches chocolate bouquets at TerryWhite Chemmart

Edible Blooms has launched their sweet range of chocolate bouquets at TerryWhite Chemmart stores across Australia.

Chocolate lovers and gift-givers, get ready for a sweet surprise: Starting today, you can now find chocolate bouquets from Edible Blooms at your nearest TerryWhite Chemmart store.

Edible Blooms is an Australian gourmet gifting company and the edible bouquets will be available at TerryWhite Chemmart stores across Australia- and just in time for Christmas, too!

Edible Blooms is all about making your gifting game sweeter, and they’ve been at it for 18 years. With more than a million gifts sent, they’ve mastered the art of making folks smile with the perfect presents. What better way to bring joy to your favourite sweet-tooth than with an edible chocolate bouquet?

The chocolate bouquets are bursting with delightful chocolates that look almost too good to eat and come in all sorts of vibrant and eye-catching designs.

Edible Blooms Co-Founder and CEO Kelly Jamieson expects this initiative to be a game-changer for the organisation as well as time-poor Australians searching for a gift to light up the life of their favourite people. 

“We are all about delivering joy via this landmark partnership – we expect thousands of Australians a month will have the convenience of purchasing Edible Blooms to brighten their day or that of a loved one,” Kelly says.

“Our team at Edible Blooms have been impressed with the speed to market and innovative approach the initial trial locations of TerryWhite Chemmart have demonstrated with the successful introduction of our products across QLD, NSW, VIC and WA over the past few months.”

“We look forward to our bouquets enhancing the offering at hundreds more community pharmacies across Australia in the coming weeks, with our goal being up to 250 locations before Christmas this year. ” 

“This opportunity emerged from our talks with health professionals who expressed concern about waste and allergic reactions to flowers in recovery settings – they didn’t want to encourage the waste of valuable nursing staff time tending to flowers and changing water, which if left unheeded can also exacerbate patient allergies.”

“An Edible Blooms arrangement is a thoughtful and joyful gift alternative that shows your favourite people you care, without adding to nursing staff to-do lists or patient discomfort.”

North Eastern Community Hospital CEO Cara Miller is thrilled about the new availability of Edible Blooms Chocolate bouquets at many local Terry White Chemmarts.

“This is fantastic news for hospitals and aged care facilities alike as we head into the busy festive visiting season. These bouquets are a win-win for everyone as they look great and will delight our patients without the need for our staff to take time away from important patient care to attend to them,” Cara says.

To make gift giving even easier, Edible Blooms offer same-day delivery across the nation, so you can send your love and appreciation ASAP. Plus, you can personalise your gift to make it extra special.

For more information about Edible Blooms, click here.

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