Eire Café: A Well Kept Secret, Until Now…

This bad boy has us falling in love with their brunch and their pies….

Nestled within leafy Clapham suburbia lies a little Irish gem kickin’ goals with their homemade, artistic and locally sourced food.

Eire Cafe

Perched on the edge of Springbank Road and sheltered from the stresses of city dwelling is the Eire Café, a well-kept secret amongst the Clapham locals. Why you may ask? Because the food is AH-mazing and they want to keep it all to themselves.

Owners Stephen (who hails from Galway, Ireland) and Zoi have fused their passion for creative and quality food with terrific service to create an honest café the people of Adelaide need to know about!

Embodying their motto ‘to eat well is to live well’, the Eire Café nails the casual café vibe without falling short in the food department. Perfect for a Sunday brunch or uninterrupted study sesh, this foodie haven is brimming with zest and suburban vitality. Take the ‘Fig and Walnut Bread with Vanilla Mascarpone and Maple Syrup’ for example. Eloquently presented and mouth-wateringly delicious, gather round fellow Insta-loving food nerds because this dish is stunning! It also helps knowing their ingredients are locally produced in South Australia… YUM.

Eire Cafe

Fig and Walnut Bread with Vanilla Mascarpone and Maple Syrup.


With all desserts, breads, stocks and butter cooked and served in house, it is not surprising that their rapport amongst the locals is a positive one. The Banoffee Pie alone ‘takes the cake’ so to speak. Like eating a slice of heaven, the sweet caramel and banana filling soaks up a thin layer of cream, melting into the crumbly texture of the house-made tart. Light and perfect for a post-meal sugar hit, it is almost too easy to find yourself scraping up the final morsels within minutes. A definite highlight of the meal.

Eire Cafe

Banofee Pie.


To add to the never-ending list of mouth-watering Eire delicacies, the café is gradually becoming known for its Artisan pies – now stocked in Foodland stores around Adelaide. Returning home from ‘Australia’s Best Pie Competition’ in Melbourne 2015 with a silver and bronze medal, their ‘Duck Curry’, ‘Braised Lamb and Rosemary’ and ‘Vegan Chickpea and Lentil Pie’ offer a gourmet treat at an unbelievably reasonable price. A celebration of seasonal, quality Australian produce, the Eire Pies are brimming with ‘French Finesse and Irish heart and soul.’ If you do one thing next Sunday Brunch, make sure eating an Eire Pie is it!

Eire Cafe

Hashbrown with Baked Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Mushroom and a Poached Egg.

Check out their Artisan Pies here.

Fun Fact: These guys have also just taken over and reopened The Deli in Thebarton and is also a must visit!


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