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Elpis Food and Wine’s chef’s menu brings an elevated fine dining experience

Modern Japanese restaurant Elpis Food and Wine offers a semi fine dining experience which is now elevated thanks to their new chef’s menu.

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Elpis Food and Wine has launched a delicious new chef’s menu you’ll want to check out.

The modern Japanese restaurant which opened a few months ago is the sister restaurant of Erato Teppanyaki. It offers a semi fine dining experience which is now elevated thanks to the new special chef’s menu.

The chef’s menu is priced at $85 per person and is structured to include three entrees, one main and a dessert.

Floor manager Ken Lim said while the menu is constantly changing, they are currently offering kingfish, beef tartare and Ora king salmon as entrees. There’s scotch fillet as a main, and sour white chocolate with ricotta and honey ice cream for dessert.

For those who want to amplify their fine dining experience further, they can enjoy the chef’s menu for $110 per person if the table wishes to have a wagyu striploin instead of the scotch fillet for the main.

Elpis Food and Wine have also just launched the chef’s menu with wine pairings for $108, or paired with Sake for $105.

Ken said their head chef Sato created the menu with inspiration of using local produce to create dishes with a Japanese twist.

“Therefore, we categorise our food here as modern Japanese presented in a fine wine and dine style,” Ken said.

“Our head chef Sato thinks that it is essential for us to have a chef’s menu just because of how different our food is compared to other restaurants in Adelaide.

“He thinks that Australians are very open to try new things when it comes to food and are fairly accepting of a wide range of foods.”

The chef’s menu is suited to a variety of dietary requirements with gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free options. Ken said if customers have dietary requirements to let the team know and they can cater to these.

Ken said there are a number of rules when it comes to the chef’s menu.

“Ordering the chef’s menu applies to the whole table – this is to ensure that everyone gets their food at the same time,” Ken said.

“It’s not ideal to have one person at a table ordering from the a la carte menu while others are having the 5 course chef’s menu as it would affect the dining experience as a whole.

“This is purely for the benefit of a smooth delivery of each course and most, if not all, restaurants with a chef’s menu have the same rule.”

He said while there is no set minimum or maximum of people required to order the chef’s menu, they strongly encourage any groups with 8 or more guests to book in advance stating that they are interested in trying out the chef’s menu.

“Guests can also tell us if there are any special occasions for their dinner,” he said.

As Elpis Food and Wine has well and truly settled into the city, it is now offering a delicious summer range of cocktails to enjoy.

These includes citrusy, sweet and fragrant ‘Yuzutini’; sweet, light and refreshing “Strawberry Gin Soda”; and “Latte in Disguise” for coffee lovers, made with coffee and hazelnut liqueur. There is also their best-seller: “Violet Martini” which is super fragrant and aromatic, based with Roku Gin.

Head to Elpis Food and Wine to try out their new chef’s menu and taste their delicious cocktails.

Elpis Food and Wine is located at 135 Gouger St, Adelaide.

You can follow Elpis Food and Wine on Facebook and Instagram.

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