Elton John In Botanic Park: A Devastatingly Good Farewell Concert For Arguably The World's Greatest Musician • Glam Adelaide

Elton John In Botanic Park: A Devastatingly Good Farewell Concert For Arguably The World’s Greatest Musician

Entertainment at its finest.


Last night, 13,000 adoring Elton John fans were treated to the concert of the decade, as the world’s most successful musician performed at Adelaide’s Botanic Park for his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. The first of two concerts in Adelaide, in his final ever world tour, Sir Elton John didn’t disappoint, with a passionate tribute to his 50 year musical career.

Even a sea of neon flashing Elton John merch glasses sitting atop fans’ heads were no match for the sparkling vision of the music man on stage.

The 72 year old icon dazzled, and shared his love for performing, whilst doing so at the top of his game. Sir Elton’s vocals, fellow musicians, and stage show, was world class, and rather than being wearied by the years, the decades of experience and professionalism shone through with a stellar show, peppered with all the favourite hits.

The night featured plenty of singalong opportunities, teamed with moments of silent awe from the crowd, as the suited band delivered powerful instrumentals that were filled with emotion. Sir Elton gliding around the stage playing piano was also a sight to be seen in itself.

In a nod to his star power, the audience was enthralled, and the usual visual blight caused by thousands of phones being held up to film performers was absent, the crowd instead savouring every note and living in the moment.

Kicking things off with Bennie and the Jets, hits on the night included a raft of fan favourites like Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting, the timely ‘I’m Still Standing’, I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues, and Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

The sound on the night was fantastic and the huge screens throughout the venue meant those attending could enjoy the emotions on stage. The close ups of Sir Elton playing the piano, not only gave us exquisite close ups of his bedazzled suit cuffs, but showcased the savant musical skills that he’s known for.

Then, of course, there was the fashion. Whilst Sir Elton’s band members looked dapper in black suits, the man himself lived up to all the hype, with an array of sensational outfits, and equally amazing jewelled glasses.

From the black pinstripe sequinned tails he wore, with a pair of colourful green jewelled dragons flanking his back, to the powder blue 70s inspired tuxedo, complete with a huge, jewel encrusted cat broach (featuring emerald eyes and a ruby mouth), Sir Elton’s fashion choices were every bit as flamboyant as the man himself. A personal favourite of mine were the red and green jewelled strawberry glasses he wore for the encore. Truly iconic.

During the night, Sir Elton also took the opportunity to speak to his captivated audience about how in 1990 he had a pivotal life moment when he needed help, asked for help, and got sober. He then launched his AIDS foundation and has since raised $450m worldwide.

The best part of the night was the absolute enjoyment of every member of the band on stage. The joy was contagious and the audience was invited to share in the moments (and there were many) throughout the night.

Whether you knew all the songs or not, everyone was entertained from start to finish. Seeing Sir Elton John performing in his final tour was invigorating entertainment at its best.

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