Embark on new adventures with Camel Treks Australia’s unique SA journeys

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Camel Treks Australia’s newest adventures in the Gawler Ranges National Park right here in SA.

Camel Treks Australia are excited to announce that you can now experience a unique journey either walking or on camelback and explore magnificent new terrain in the Gawler Ranges National Park, South Australia.

Having recently completed the monumental task of moving their much-loved camels and operations from historic Beltana Station, the new outback adventure trekking base is Mount Ive Station.

Led by Directors Karen and Paul Ellis, this team of globally renowned and experienced cameleers are
ready to take their guests on unforgettable adventures in landscapes heralded for their natural beauty and isolation.

The 2023 camel season will offer fresh new four-day and nine-day Camel Treks, School Camps, and
unique, immersive Art Treks from April through to October 2023, with dates already selling out for this renowned eco-tourism adventure.

As Co-Director, Karen Ellis reveals, “We feel honoured to be now exploring Gawler Ranges this camel
trek season. The National Park is awe-inspiring as it safeguards a vast saline lake system, including Australia’s third-largest – Lake Gairdner. With over 200 islands dotting its glistening white salt surface and a salt layer of up to one metre thick in some areas, this natural wonder is an unforgettable sight.”

“This outback landscape is bordered by the captivating crimson foothills of the Gawler Ranges, which
is also a haven for wildlife and protects rare and endangered plants and animals, including the crimson mallee and the yellow-footed rock-wallaby.”

“The camel caravan will trek to the renowned Organ Pipes and similar formations, created over 1,500 million years ago due to volcanic eruptions. There is a strong sense of excitement to explore unknown terrain in 2023, and our guests will reap the benefits of a real-life exploratory experience.”

Winners of the 2022 Eco Tourism Bronze Medal in the South Australian Tourism Awards, and 2023 Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner for Adventure Tour Company of the Year in South Australia, Camel Treks Australia is Australia’s last remaining trekking company that allows guests to ride camels on multiple day treks, continuing the time-honoured tradition that dates back centuries.

Their cameleers have a deep knowledge and respect for their camels and walk with awareness on Country. Mrs Ellis explains this further: “Camel riding is an unforgettable experience that’s sure to leave a
lasting impression on anyone looking to add a touch of adventure to their holiday. It allows guests to experience the gentle sway of the camel as they take in the breathtaking scenery, and camel caravans are accompanied by those who wish to bushwalk with the cameleers. Bushwalking connects to the immediate world around us in a way that only the subtleties of walking on foot can provide.”

“The late old cameleers only taught so many of us, and it’s such a specialised skill set requiring a lot
of passion and self-motivation. So, we will continue to strive forward, offering adventures under an eco-focused umbrella.”

This recent move was a giant undertaking for the much-respected duo and their team. Before this move, they had lived on the historic Beltana Station in the Flinders Ranges, Australia’s birthplace of camel history.

Mrs Ellis exclaims, “We have enjoyed close friendships with Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal people who assisted on treks in the Coorong, and whilst in the Flinders Ranges similarly with Adnyamathanha Aboriginal people. We wish to thank all the Adnyamathanha Elders who have welcomed us to walk and live on Country and be a part of their lives.”

Trained by Australian bush legends of a bygone era and further educated by nomadic camel communities in India, Turkey, Mongolia, Arab Nations, and The Sahara, the intrepid Directors of Camel Treks Australia have received a comprehensive education in the art of being with camels.

These modern-day cameleers adore their camels and invite you to embark on a journey with them and explore the South Australian outback in a unique and life-changing way.

Located roughly 200 kilometres west of Port Augusta and 500 kilometres from Adelaide, multiple routes are available to reach Mount Ive Station. There is a valuable return charter service from Premier Stateliner for ease of travel to the camel trekking base of Mount Ive Station.

Plus, convenient accommodation options are available for guests on their arrival and departure nights at Mount Ive Station.

For more information and to book your next adventure, click here.

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