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Emotional plea as touring show misses opening night after $150k theft

Adelaide Fringe show “Most Human Post Human” is calling upon Adelaide to support the show following a major theft before their scheduled premiere.

A significant theft has struck one of this year’s Adelaide Fringe shows, leaving the production “Most Human Post Human” reeling from a devastating setback.

The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning at the Star Theatres in Hilton, the venue hosting the show, where approximately $150,000 worth of specialised equipment was stolen during a break-in.

“On the morning of our premiere, our theatre got broken into and robbed. We have lost several important laptops with invaluable show content we worked on for half a year, speakers, cameras, all of our guitars, our electric unicycles, and heaps of auxilarry gear,” said an official statement of the show.

“These thieves may have taken our tech but they can never steal the heart and soul behind our production. We WILL have our show. We will be working around the clock to find last-minute solutions, skip sleep, borrow, hustle, and present Most Human Post-Human as soon as we can.”

The Most Human Post Human show is aiming to resume Friday, despite the two-day set back, and bring is technically advanced production that pushes the boundaries of creativity and performance to Adelaide.

Directed by Gavin Robins, whose credentials include the Broadway production of King Kong and Sydney’s Olympic Opening Ceremony, the show boasts a diverse ensemble featuring ballet dancers on electric unicycles, a live band with an eclectic soundtrack, a world-class mentalist, and a cast of dancers and acrobats, all synchronised with projection mapping.

Adding to the innovation, an unscripted artificial intelligence guides the show in a different direction every night.

The theft represents a substantial financial blow to the artists and creators involved.

“Adelaide, please keep an eye out for stolen gear. Most notably a Fujifilm x-T4 camera, an irreplaceable acoustic Maestro Singa guitar, a white Gibson Les Paul, a sunburst Fender Stratocaster, a black and white Telecaster and a white Telecaster, two InMotion v5f and three Singsong 14d electric unicycles, Gigabyte laptops, Neural DSP Quad Cortex pedalboard, and four active Yamaha DXR10 speakers,” the show said.

The show promises to deliver a unique blend of music, art, technology, and entertainment, along with a profound message for its audience.

As the investigation into the theft continues, the cast and crew of “Most Human Post Human” remain determined to deliver a captivating and thought-provoking experience to their audience in Adelaide and are calling upon people to support the show and keep an eye out for their invaluable goods.

Most Human Post-Human runs until March 26th, with show every night from Friday onwards. For more information and to secure your tickets, head here.

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