End ‘Rye July’ With A Final Celebration At Hains & Co

A very special afternoon of Southern BBQ, Whiskey, Blues Music and good times comes to Hains & Co this Sunday afternoon. If you’re into those sorts of things…


July has just been a peach of a month hasn’t it? Freezing cold days, flash floods, king tides, wild winds, Pokemon Go everywhere and The Bachelor is now back on television. It’s been one storm after another and in amongst it all, we’ve ate and drank so much that we now don’t fit our ‘summer jeans’ and have to begin to the long and slow process of motivating ourselves to get that sorted out in case we make it to the beach once or twice during summer.

You know what, screw it all. We say you should go out in a blaze of glory. Call an end to July this Sunday by eating as much slow cooked southern BBQ and drinking whiskey. You only live once.

Join Drew Akin from Coffylosophy on the BBQ, for a menu of Southern goodness at Hains & Co Sunday afternoon, including Brisket style beef cheek tacos, smoked Boston butt burgers, Nashville hot wings, grilled corn and did we mention the Whiskey? Hell, there’s probably bourbon and moonshine you can try as well while you unwind, listening to live Southern Blues music and enjoying the fact that the majority of other people in Adelaide this weekend will be stuck in long lines up at Winter Reds while you lay in the Hains bath tub taking a contented nap with the top button on your pants loose.

There’s no way you can lose being here, unless you’re somehow not interested in food, drink and friends. Because how can life possibly be fun without denying yourself those things…

Follow the event on Facebook here, or just note down this address – 23 Gilbert Place. That’s where Hains & Co is. And from 1pm, it’s where you’ll need to be.

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