Engineering-inspired cafe Bluprint opens second location in Burnside

Innovative cafe Bluprint has opened a second store, serving coffee and eats in a space inspired by an engineering site.

Bluprint, the coffee shop known for its distinctive ‘engineering’ interior design, has opened its second store in Burnside Village.

Bluprint co-owner Frankie Marafioti is passionate about fostering uplifting environments for food and coffee and saw an opportunity to infuse a youthful vibrancy into the high-end shopping complex.

“I’ve always looked at places and venues that have had or needed some type of uplifting environment for food and coffee,” he says.

“I found Burnside Village was always a high-end shopping complex that I’ve thought over the last 5 to 10 years had needed a younger, bit of an uplift in food and I wanted to get in there and do something a bit unique and different.”

“I’ve always found, for me, food and coffee has always been a focal point of what I do, and interaction with people. We really wanted to make it direct and distinguished to what we do so people connect,” he says.

“I think that we connect over a coffee, we do a lot of meetings or catch-ups over coffee and food, it seems to be a real way of connecting with people and getting on the same level as each other.”

Bluprint’s first store, situated on the ground floor of the Santos engineering building, established its identity through an interior that plays on an engineering site, featuring elements such as stone, rendered walls, and stainless steel.

This blueprint-inspired design not only pays homage to the building’s architecture, but also symbolises the foundational role that coffee and food play in connecting people.

“We really wanted to encapsulate that in the fitout, hence why it’s called ‘Bluprint.’ It was originally meant to be a one-and-done store to play off the Santos experience, as the ground floor is essentially the blueprint of the building and coffee and food for me is the foundation behind people’s connection,” Frankie says.

Frankie says the second store boasts the same fit-out and feel of the first store, just on a smaller scale.

“It looks like a mini blueprint: we have used all the same materials, minerals, and products that were used in the city store,” he says.

At Burnside store, people will find focaccias, house-made salads and cakes, and Frankie says their full menu will be launched in the new year. He shared insights into the expanded menu, featuring an array of options including gnocchi ragu, house-made lasagna, and house-made pies.

Croydon coffee roaster Ben Pankhurst of Willow Bend Coffee roasts the coffee for Bluprint, ensuring patrons can savour a truly local blend, and their bread is baked in-house.

“We make our bread fresh daily, so that’s the other foundational point of what we do and something that has become a real cult hero as of late. We have people coming from across Adelaide and from interstate to try the bread,” he says.

While uncertain about the prospect of additional Bluprint stores, Marafioti expressed openness to opportunities, stating, “What I do know is we’re always open to opportunities and there’s people out there who are constantly talking to use about what we offer and try and look at opportunities for us to grow. So never say no, but we are selective to what we do.”

The second Bluprint store is a temporary pop-up at this stage which will be there for just over a year, however Frankie says, depending on circumstances, there is potential to take a longer tenancy in the village after the completion of its expansion.

WHAT: Bluprint- second store.
WHERE: 447 Portrush Rd, Glenside SA, 5065.

To find out more about Bluprint, click here.

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