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Hydralyfe’s recovery services to debut at City to Bay this weekend

Local health and well-being company Hydralyfe is set to debut their innovative recovery services at the finish line of the City to Bay.

Local health and well-being company Hydralyfe is set to debut their innovative recovery services at the finish line of the City to Bay, giving participants the opportunity to rejuvenate and recover immediately after they finish the race.

This local wellness business is making massive waves in the wellness community here in SA and nationally by integrating traditional medicine with cutting-edge technology and natural holistic wellness approaches so everyone can achieve optimal health and live their best life.

Owner and founder of the business, Amy Thomas, is passionate about effective solutions that are accessible to everyone.

‘After 25 years of constantly pushing myself in every aspect of life, both professionally and socially, I found myself in a mental slump. Seeking answers, I consulted a doctor who introduced me to fascinating new neuro tech and energetic therapies. However, due to the alternative nature of these services, the doctor couldn’t provide me any guidance – this sparked a realisation: why can’t we combine traditional healthcare with natural and emerging alternatives?⁠’

Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact and armed with her corporate experience, Amy embarked on a mission to create something truly unique. The result? Hydralyfe!⁠

The team wants to empower individuals to define their wellness journey. Amy’s vision is to provide access to all eight pillars of well-being in one place. Whether you’re seeking the guidance of a doctor, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, or simply want cutting-edge products delivered to your doorstep, Hydralyfe has an answer.

To debut their service offering and to reinforce this guiding mission, the team is bringing some of the best services to the City to Bay finish line! Think cryotherapy, compression boots, cannabis terpene tasters, wellness shots, and IV therapy.

This recovery suite is a confluence of science and wellness, offering therapies designed to address the physical toll of the race while promoting overall health.

The team will be offering terpene tasters – these are gummies made with powerful plants to either provide a post-race boost or a sense of calm. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat with medical professionals about cannabis therapy and how this may help your overall well-being.

The team are big believers in all forms of recovery as well as physical, so in addition to some amazing services for your body, the team will be providing neuro circuitry devices that assist in restoring the mind and lowering adrenaline after the race.

One of the highlights of the suite is the localized cryotherapy service, a treatment that utilizes extreme cold to stimulate oxygenated blood flow to injured or sore muscles and joints. This method reduces tension and inflammation and also promises to enhance the participants’ tolerance to strenuous exercise. Perfect timing, after a 12km run! The recovery suite is also equipped with compression boots, a tool increasingly recognized for its myriad benefits in aiding recovery.

In addition to all of this, Hydralyfe will offer wellness shots and IV therapy, administered by healthcare professionals to replenish vital nutrients and fluids lost during the race. This is a direct infusion into the bloodstream, allowing for quicker absorption, helping you recover in record time! It’s an opportunity to discover how regular IV therapy can assist in your health goals.

Furthermore, Hydralyfe has also taken a step to ensure participants remain hydrated throughout the race by setting up hydration stations along the route. Just wait till you see what they have in store to maintain your energy levels during the race! So, whether you’re taking part in the City to Bay or not, Hydralyfe is set to change the way you think about wellness!

You can check them out at the finish line, or find out more here.

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