Enjoy Muchos Español Food At This Spanish-Themed Day

Enjoy Muchos Español Food At This Spanish-Themed Day

Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets are bringing the Spanish vibes this week for their Food Appreciation Day.


If you love Spanish food then we’ve got the event for you. Frewville Foodland, Adelaide’s Finest Supermarket, will be having a Spanish Appreciation Day around the Big Table in their store. On Friday 11 August, between 11am and 2pm, you can experience delightful Spanish food, a guitarist, and a food appreciation better than any Dìa de los Muertos event you’ve seen before. ¡Arriba!

Their innovative Salumibar who recently received a liquor license (because who doesn’t need a glass of wine after going grocery shopping?), their salumi supplier, San Jose, and Food Appreciation Co-ordinator, Chris, will be creating a MASSIVE paella dish for all to share.

But that’s not all on the food front. They’ll also be serving Spanish artisanal meats straight from the Salumibar for customers to taste. In addition to this, you’ll also be able to taste different tapas-style canapes, taste some delicious wine, and there’ll even be a bone-in Spanish Jamòn on display, in true Spanish-style.

The Spanish Day is a part of Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets’ Food Appreciation themes. By having a foodie approach to everything they do, it allows them to create an environment where their staff and customers feel comfortable, engaged, involved and occasionally even learn something. Their in-store chefs are a positive and unique aspect of their service, as they aim to create a union between retail shopping and food appreciation.

This experience encourages clients to not only enjoy their precincts and the high level of service they provide, but allows them to showcase their best of the best products, food, brands, growers, farmers and suppliers in an in-store customer experience.

Spanish Day will be for one day only, so put all the ingredients for empanadas on your shopping list and get ready to Flamenco (but maybe leave your sombrero at home).

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