Enjoy Swords Of Meat At This New Adelaide Hills Restaurant

The Kings Table offers diners the opportunity to indulge in swords of meat and long neck beer in Hahndorf.


Hahndorf’s stunning Main Street is currently bewildering visitors with its array of autumn leaves. But there is yet another reason to pop by. The street has welcomed an exciting new restaurant.

Deemed to be a bit of an abnormal eating experience, The Kings Table offers diners the opportunity to indulge in swords of meat and long neck beer.

Filled with medieval touches, owner Matthew Major says The Kings Table plays off the idea of kings and queens feasting hundreds of years ago.

You’ll find a menu filled with meat and fish cooked over charcoal fit for a king. The meat is slow cooked for six hours then deep fried and placed on swords, where it is then cooked on charcoal.

“The idea is that kings would only eat whole pieces of meat over fire,” says Matthew.

The meat swords are presented on wooden shields along with asian inspired salads.

The Kitchen is outside, so there is no doubt you will able able to smell the charcoal roast all down the street.

There is only a small stone wall and glass separating the kitchen, meaning that diners get to watch all the cooking magic take place.

Also the owner of the Murray River Queen in the Riverland, Matthew says it was only right to open a restaurant that now focused on a King’s feast in the Adelaide Hills.

And Hahndorf is the perfect location according to Matthew. Known for its early settlement, Hahndorf perfectly captures the essence of embracing history.

The walls and ceiling inside the restaurant are covered in hessian. Along with this, you will find a king’s table inside which sits 16 people and is made from wood panels.

There are also black leather booths and chairs made from natural materials throughout the restaurant.

You will find another medieval touch in the music itself. Celtic, Game of Thrones style music will be played throughout the night, just to help set the scene even further.

As for drinks, Matthew says it was only right for The Kings Table to have their own stash.

“The concept is that the king would have had his own, sourced from across the kingdom,” says Matthew.

There is wine from The Lane, shiraz and rosé from Hentley Farm and a pale ale made at Woolshed Brewery, which is called The King’s Table. There is also Italian prosseco from the Riverland.

The idea is that there are different drinks sourced from all across the different ‘realms’ of our state.

So if you’re looking for a perfect meat and wine feast filled with marvellous medieval touches, then you should book this one in soon.

The Kings Table is open Thursday to Sunday for lunch and Thursday to saturday for dinner.

13-15 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf

Call 0410 416 655 to make a booking

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