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Enjoy the iconic Kytons Bakery lamingtons and their variety of flavours this Australia Day

Lamingtons are an essential at the table on Australia Day, and Kytons Bakery Lamingtons in particular are the ones you want to have on January 26.

All images: Kytons Bakery

When it comes to iconic Australian food, lamingtons are pretty much up there with meat pies, Chicco rolls and Vegemite.

They’re an essential at the table on Australia Day, and Kytons Bakery Lamingtons in particular are the ones you want to have on January 26.

 Twice awarded as the best lamingtons in Australia, we are spoilt to have such delicious lamingtons as part of our SA food scene.

They’re made from a light fluffy egg sponge, dipped in decadent chocolate and rolled in coconut – the most delightful treat for the day we celebrate being Australian.

Kytons has been baking in SA since 1938 and lamingtons are their signature product loved by generations of South Australians.

Available in loads of varieties there’s traditional, raspberry or coffee to try.

As well as this, mini lamingtons are on offer if you’re after a better chocolate to cake ratio and a smaller treat!

They also have a Native Range of lamington fingers now too. These are Lemon Mytrle and Coconut, and Wattleseed and Chocolate – a collaboration between Kytons and indigenous ingredient company Edidble Reconciliation.

The product is a wonderful collaboration combining Australia’s signature cake, the lamington, with the flavours that have been used in this country for thousands of years to create something new and delicious.

The lamington is named after Lord Lamington who was Governor of Queensland from 1896-1901.

There are many versions of the story, but the most plausible – and the one that Kytons likes best – is that the Governor had unexpected guests and the only thing in the house to feed them was some stale cake.

The ingenious cook dipped the cake in chocolate to make it more palatable and rolled it in coconut to help keep their guests fingers clean. From this, the lamington was born.

While of course Kytons cake is definitely fresh (light and fluffy in fact), the theory is still the same.

To make sure these Australian staples are enjoyed on your Australia day, you can purchase these delicious delights all over South Australia.

The lamingtons are available from Foodland, Drake and selected Woolworth and IGA stores as well as many gourmet fruit and veg stores.

With Kytons at Edwardstown set to reopen on Tuesday January 25 after their summer shutdown, you can also pop by their flag store to purchase your Australia Day supplies of fresh lamingtons.

Enjoy some Kytons Lamingtons as a part of your Australia Day celebrations.

You’ll find the Kytons retail store at 15 Lindsay Ave Edwardstown, open 9am-2pm weekdays from January 25th.

Keep up to date through their Facebook and Instagram.

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