Epic $1.2m space proposal packages on offer as restaurant opens in space

Aboard a space capsule elevated by a stratospheric balloon, couples will have the chance to enjoy a remarkable meal crafted by a Michelin-starred French chef and delivered by an AI-powered robot.

In an era where extravagant marriage proposals have become the norm, one agency is taking romance to new heights—literally. Starting in 2025, ApoteoSurprise, a Paris-based agency known for its lavish proposal setups, says it will be offering lovebirds the chance to propose in outer space. This one-of-a-kind experience comes with a hefty price tag of 750,000 euros ($1.24m Australian dollars), but promises an unforgettable engagement with breathtaking views of Earth from an altitude of 35 kilometers.

The journey begins at a spaceport where a pilot ushers the couple into a spherical, futuristic space capsule. Inside, they’ll find an ambiance that rivals the finest Parisian dining establishments, complete with an elegant table setting for two. The highlight of the experience is StellarEmbrace, an AI-powered robot developed in collaboration with a British startup, designed to cater to the couple’s every need with a personalized touch. From presenting a bouquet of roses to serving a Michelin-starred meal, StellarEmbrace ensures a dining experience like no other.

The capsule, lifted by a helium-inflated stratospheric balloon, offers a peaceful two-hour ascent into the stratosphere, where couples will enjoy 360° views of our planet. At 35 kilometers above the surface, they’ll be among the few to witness the curvature of the Earth, its thin blue atmosphere, and the vastness of space beyond—an experience known to induce the overview effect, connecting them deeply to humanity and our planet.

The dinner, prepared by a renowned French chef with two Michelin stars, includes a five-course gourmet meal with wines and champagne. A playlist of iconic space-themed tracks will accompany the experience, featuring iconic tracks such as “Space Oddity” (David Bowie), “Across the Universe” (The Beatles), or “Walking on the Moon” (Police).
The proposal moment is as theatrical as it is romantic: a luminous box containing an engagement ring, revealed through a playful interaction with StellarEmbrace, awaits the suitor’s cue for the ultimate question.

This space-bound proposal is not just about the moment but also about the memories. The entire experience is recorded, ensuring that the couple can relive their extraordinary engagement for years to come. After a total of four hours in space, the couple returns to Earth, their love sealed in the eternity of the cosmos.

ApoteoSurprise, founded in 2006 by aeronautical engineer Nicolas Garreau, is no stranger to organizing spectacular marriage proposals. With offerings ranging from Cinderella’s carriage appearances to limousine tours with declarations of love at the Eiffel Tower, the agency has captivated over 2000 lovers, including celebrities and heads of state.

This isn’t the first time the agency has promoted space proposals however, with a similar package announced back in 2018. The previous US$150m package offered to fly a couple around the moon, following twelve weeks of pre-requisite technical and physical training, and a takeoff on D-Day from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It seems that one never eventuated, so the question is, will this new offering actually come to fruition, or is their PR department just shooting for the stars.

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