Epic 90s Tour Coming To Adelaide Feat. Your Fave British Boy Band

The 90s are back in a big way, and with that so are some of our favourite things… and bands!


The 90s are back in a big way, and with that so are some of our favourite things. We’ve noticed an increase in tartan mini-skirts recently, and as we all know, Adelaide recently hosted B*Witched for a non-stop rollercoaster (get it?!) of fun.

Well, whip out your nostalgia and Pepsi Hits CDs, because we’re getting another HUGE influx of 90s British pop bands in February 2019. With 5ive (which only has 3 now…), S Club 3 (formerly 7), Big Brovaz, and G.R.L.

We’re not sure about anyone else, but the boybands of the 90s had a profound impact on our music tastes, and obviously, the biggest hit machine out of England were 5ive. Now, there’s only 3 left in the band (who knows what the other 2 think they’re doing), but we’re pretty sure they’re going to make us “get down”.

Of course, there also ain’t no party like an S Club party, which they’ve proved over and over again through the last 19 years (yes, we just checked, and it was 19 years ago that song featured in all school discos).

In case you’re a little confused and can’t quite reach back into the memory recesses to Big Brovaz, they hit us in early 2002 with the Nu Flow, which as we remember may have taken over the show. G.R.L. aren’t quite the 90s (they hit the big deal in 2014), but the pop is still real from these girls.


5ive (and assorted) are heading ’round Australia in February 2019. They’ll land at the Thebarton Theatre on 11 February. For all other dates and more deets head here.

Tickets hit the shelves (metaphorically) on Friday 11 May (that’s so soon!) and are set to be $91.63. You can get your hands on them here.

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