Epic Inflatable Obstacle Water Course Heads To Adelaide

Epic Inflatable Obstacle Water Course Heads To Adelaide

This is like a slip’n slide on steroids…


While we sobbed into our Weetbix this morning about the untimely demise of the world’s tallest inflatable slide, the Big Wedgie (gone but not forgotten), a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. It’s like someone was listening and thought they’d step things up. A giant rubber inflatable fairy godmother if you will. And deliver she has. Introducing ObstaSplash

Basically this is for anyone who has ever wanted to be on Gladiators, or has wanted to relive their childhood slip’n slide days. A little bonus, you get fit while doing all of those things! Win!

ObstaSplash ObstaSplash

Australia’s largest fully inflatable obstacle course is coming to Adelaide. It spans 5km of flat land and includes inflatable obstacles such as ‘ObstaScream, “ObstaBlueBalls” (sounds ominous) and “ObstaDance’. It is like our very own inflatable water park!

Unfortunately we have to wait until December before this dream come true visits Adelaide, but we will be here, waiting…


When: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December
Where: Oakbank Racecourse
Times: 8am – 10am, 10am – 12pm or 12pm – 2pm
Cost: $55 (early bird special)
Age: 13 years+

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