Es Ceramics opens pop-up CBD pottery studio

Es Ceramics have taken their popular Thebarton pottery studio to town, teaming up with Renew Adelaide to create the pop-up Gouger Street location.

Image credit: May Salgado

Adelaide, get ready to sling some clay, drink some wine and invest in some gorgeous handcrafted ceramics – the Es Ceramics pop-up store has officially opened!

Pottery masterminds Dani Komorek and Shane Connery have taken their Thebarton pottery studio to town, teaming up with Renew Adelaide to create the CBD location.

Opening on the bustling Gouger Street entrance of the Adelaide Central Markets last week, ES Ceramics has taken up shop in an old Flight Centre storefront, transforming what used to be a drab travel agency into a creative haven.

“Pottery is messy. The inspiration behind the design is based around easy cleanup and maximising space,” says co-owner Dani.

“We are happy that we have set up a studio that is the canvas for getting creative on the pottery wheel, but we may also change it up in the future! I guess that’s the beauty of having a pop up destined for the wrecking ball.”

“We are using the space to experiment with a variety of workshop formats to engage with a wider audience.”

While Es’s Thebarton HQ is home to the primary production of the studio’s handcrafted collection, the secondary Gouger Street location will host an array of pottery master classes.

However, the ceramics studios popularity is hard to deny. Despite just opening, Es has sold out their upcoming six-week wheel throwing course and the ‘Blottery’ class – where guests can expect to get their hands dirty on the wheel and their creative juices flowing with the help of a glass of wine.

Yet while some South Aussies may miss out on the clay slinging wisdom from Dani and Shane, there will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands on the studios stunning ceramics.

“Along with classes, we will also be using the space to throw pottery of our own and for orders on the go. The public is welcome to pop in, watch some pottery in action and browse through pieces that are for sale,” says Dani. 

For city-dwellers and coffee lovers, Es Ceramics will be selling their stunning, handcrafted keep-cups, allowing you to put your best sustainable and fashionable foot forward when ordering your next Latté from the Central Markets. Other unique, wheel-thrown pieces will also be available for purchase. 

Devised a decade ago, non-for-profit Renew Adelaide has been helping support emerging creative ventures like Es Ceramics open locations by offering flexible and rent-free in otherwise vacant city spaces.

You can find the Es Ceramics pop-up studio at 38 Gouger Street, Monday to Saturday. 

To find out more, visit the Es Ceramics website and Facebook

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