European Brunch House Coming to Peel St

Perhaps the West End isn’t all about night life after all?

It’s the classic last minute rush. But the building will be done by Friday for the soft-opening.

2nd & 6th are promising to bring more than just the usual bar fare to Peel Street, and in something of a first for the street open in the morning (whoa, shocker!) for Breakfast and Brunch, as well as shifting their late night focus away from alcohol to dessert. It’s quite the ambition that owner Hugh Nguyen has embarked upon; to bring his own passion for food to the strip. And three days out from opening the space looks packed with potential.

2nd & 6th2nd & 6th
And potential is what we’re about in Adelaide. The idea that the West End might one day rival the East as a morning destination is something foreign right now but, with locations like this set to become more common it’s not an unrealistic goal. It might never have the same feel, but that’s not the point of the West. It’s got an atmosphere of it’s own.

And that atmosphere is going to be translated by 2nd & 6th. While the current deep green facade on the street face is set to change before opening, the colour scheme is striking. Red wood floorboards, deep stained wooden glass windows and a general sense of class (not wank) are already present in the space and contrast nicely with the night-life partners already on the strip. The space was once a hairdressers, and a large amount of the hard work that has gone into its transformation may not be immediately visible when you walk in. Hugh explained that the structure of the internals has taken priority, too often hidden but just as crucial to determining how a venue should be received upon opening.

Oh, and about that – opening will be when they’re ready (soon we’re told!). Which isn’t to suggest a delay, but the detail is crucial to the execution of the space, and there’s no rushing quality. Already planned is a mix of classic and experimental breakfast fare. Nguyen is inspired by international experiences, and while chef Rocco Tedesco (former Hilton Hotel apprentice) is firmly European in his style of cooking, expect the stables to be contrasted by a select listing of foreign and exciting offerings. Have you ever enjoyed Lobster Rolls for breakfast? San Fransisco is in love with them right now, and it seems at 2nd & 6th, Adelaide will soon get to know them as well.

2nd & 6th2nd & 6th2nd & 6th
2nd & 6th
The space itself is surprisingly balanced – breakfast will be a given, dessert in the evenings a luxury but the sound treatment, colour palate and multi-story execution of the space make it feel like the over-crowding on Peel Street will never spill into this venue and detract from the food and social experience here. An entirely sound-treated ceiling might not seem exciting to the average punter, but try talking in a room full of people where the walls are making the sound bounce left and right. That won’t be an issue here. And conversation will, as a result, be a focus.

Also a focus is the coffee, as it should be quite frankly. A Black Eagles Rubber Metric Machine has pride of place behind the main bar; something which every coffee snob in the city knows means business. Yes, there will be wine in the evening as well, but if Peel St is to become an all hour destination, then 2nd & 6th know they need to set a tone beyond the simple swill of the city.

And that’s precisely what we’re so excited about. Flamboyant and rich European cookery crossed with finer subtle notes of fresh and seasonal SA produce; greed and gluttony are destined for a collision as 2nd & 6th institutionalize the European brunch revolution upon Adelaide’s famed laneway.

2nd & 6th

And so, we wait. The soft opening this Friday, November 18th will be a test but the culinary statement of this place may not reveal itself to the public immediately. But it’s definitely somewhere to keep on the radar…

2nd & 6th is located at 12 Peel Street. Follow their ventures via Facebook and Instagram.

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