Event Review: Night Lab: Metamorphosis


Presented by the South Australian Museum

Reviewed 17 Sept 2021

After the success of the Adelaide Fringe Night Lab event and the equally impressive follow up Night Lab: The Night Aquatic, the South Australian Museum has once again put on one hell of a one-night-only show with Night Lab: Metamorphosis.

With its theme of Metamorphosis (from caterpillars turning into butterflies to bugs being turned to food), the adults-only event was a glorious celebration of the world of creepy crawlies. Guests were encouraged to attend the event in excellent insect-themed costumes and to step out of their comfort zones through numerous exciting activities, ranging from handling giant burrowing cockroaches to chowing down on surprisingly delicious insects. These sustainable to produce and healthy (for example crickets are a great source of calcium) snacks included cricket stuffed chocolate shortbread, meal-worm brittle and six-legged lollipops.

The night’s other attractions included the show ‘Science Meets Magic’, an educational magic show about host and parasitic life cycles, and the frequently hilarious bug-themed pick your poison quiz show ‘Bug, Marry, Avoid’. There was also plenty of fun for the more artsy guests with insect origami and paint/decorate your own wearable scarab beetle workshops. The night was full of amazing food (both containing and not containing bugs), alcohol and fabulous live music.

An entertaining and educational evening that has me keen for the next Night Lab event the South Australian Museum will host.

Verdict: Bugtastic, 4 stars out of 5

Reviewed by Jordan Ellis

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