Geometrical 3D Paper Art Class with Shazia Shehzad

Working with Experience Paper Sculpture Artist Shazia Shehzad you will learn various techniques in how to manipulate, bend, and carve paper to make a beautiful Geometrical 3D paper sculpture.

Course Outline: Geometrical 5 Layers of Paper Art for Adults

1. Introduction: Introduction to the paper art form and the tools needed to create it. Understand the different types of paper used in paper art.

2. Basics of Geometry: Learn the basics of geometry and how to use paper to create precise shapes.

3. Design: Learn how to design a geometrical paper art piece, including color and size selection.

4. Cutting Techniques: Learn how to use an X-Acto knife for precision cutting, and practice on various paper materials.

5. Layering: Learn how to layer different geometric shapes and colors to create a unique composition

About your Tutor

Shazia creates paper sculptures that tell stories. Combining paper art and storytelling into one, her work is meant to evoke emotion and bring joy to those who experience it.

She has exhibited extensively both locally and internationally as a solo artist and in group shows in the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Her previous experiences include teaching paper art at Virginia Commonwealth University, serving as vice-chairperson of International Artists Doha, and facilitating workshops on paper sculpture and acrylic painting.

Shazia is passionate about incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality into her artistic creations. With a commitment to using art for social impact, Shazia has collaborated with the hospitals and institutions to support individuals with mental illnesses and disabilities through art therapy workshops.

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30 Jun 2023


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Brookside Cellars Community Arts Centre
Brookside Cellars Community Arts Centre, 17 Moore Street, Tranmere SA 5073


Shazia Shehzad
[email protected]
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