Ever Seen An Outdoor Fountain React To A Live Band? Victoria Square Is Where It's At Folks

Ever Seen An Outdoor Fountain React To A Live Band? Victoria Sq Is Where It’s At

Because sometimes, we need something we can bring the family along to… this live show is something you’re unlikely to have seen in Adelaide ever before.


All around the world, there are musical fountains, much like how in every Disney movie there is a talking animal. For those who don’t know how they work, the water spouts have been meticulously coordinated to ‘dance’ along to sound waves, and light emissions. Bring your boom box and the fountain will respond. Maybe not quite so much if you were to play some acoustic Simon and Garfunkel.

Which is why we’re so curious about this evening coming up in Victoria Square called Aqua Beats. It’s being presented by Emma Knights, in conjunction with Splash Adelaide. Having seen water displays interstate that run to backing tracks, Knight thought we could do one better by showcasing the feature with a “little South Aussie twist of live local music.”

So, unlike international performances where the music has been prerecorded, Aqua Beats has chosen to incorporate the live, original work of several Adelaide musicians. Emma discovered these musicians through gigs, social media plugs, online listening, and the odd working contact. She notes that as the event is being held at Victoria Square/Tardanyangga, she really wanted an Indigenous performance to start the event. Much to her delight, Major Sumner will be in attendance to do a Welcome to Country. Other artists include Amicus Strings (guess what they play), prog intrumentalist Molloy and electro-pop artist Nakatomi.

Alongside the array of artists, Emma has also arranged for Delectables (and their delicious meatball menu) to join in, alongside some very cool interactive activities  including face-painting for kids and children in adult bodies.

“The time of the event and the chilly night lead me to organize some comfort foods,” Emma says. “I picture lots of jackets and beanies with warm food, and drinks, while people enjoy the music and the water. Or for people who like to go to the extreme there may be some frozen options, too! There will also be live artists making art from what they are seeing, and hearing.”

We’re definitely intrigued. Hosted at Victoria Square, Aqua Beats is a free event on Saturday, July 23rd, from 6.30pm. Pop it in your diary!

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