Everyone Gets The Opportunity For The Perfect Santa Shot This Year

Everyone Gets The Opportunity For The Perfect Santa Shot This Year

Avoid nasty queues and get a great snap of kids, pets, or big kids at the Burnside Village!


It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas at Burnside Village! The fact that they’re offering us a chance to win an Audi for shopping was reason number one why they are our go to spot for our Chrissy needs. Reason number two? Their GORGE new Santa photography area!

Burnside Village are giving everyone the opportunity to get the perfect shot with Santa this Christmas. They will be running ’till Christmas Eve with out of hours time slots for children with special needs, a Christmas LegoLand exhibition and play area, the chance to have your pets apart of your photo and a digital queue so you can avoid those annoying lines!

Gone are the days of those dreaded lines. You know the ones where they creep around the corner? The worst. When you visit the Santa set in the mall you will be placed in a digital queue where they’ll give you an estimate waiting time so you can go off and do your shopping or grab a bite to eat and then you’ll get sent a text notification when it’s your turn. There will also be screens propped up around the place so you can keep your eye on it.

For children with special needs, Burnside Village has Sensitive Santa hours out of key trading hours so families can avoid the hustle and bustle of the mall and get your photo in a friendly, quiet environment.

We all know that our pets are a part of the family too and it seems like finally they are getting the opportunity to be professionally snapped for your Christmas pictures (about time)! Special bookings can be made to ensure everyone in the family can meet Mr. Claus.

And if that wasn’t enough…a Christmas LegoLand is also coming to the mall December 12th and will have daily activities running. It will be located just behind the Santa set so the perfect spot to wait for your photo with Santa! More deets coming.

We’re already booking our pooches in for a wash and cut at the dog parlour and am expecting everyone to enjoy the best Christmas card to date!


Santa Photography Hours:
Tuesday 28 November: 10am – 4pm
Wednesday 29 November: 10am – 4pm
Thursday 30 November: 10am – 7pm
Friday 1 December: 10am – 4pm
Saturday 2 December: 9am – 5pm
Sunday 3 December: 9am – 5pm

Monday 4 December: 9am – 4pm
Tuesday 5 December: 9am – 4pm
Wednesday 6 December: 9am – 4pm
Thursday 7 December: 9am – 4pm
Friday 8 December: 9am – 4pm
Saturday 9 December: 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10 December: 9am – 5pm

Monday 11 December: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 12 December: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 13 December: 9am – 5pm
Thursday 14 December: 9am – 9pm
Friday 15 December: 9am – 9pm
Saturday 16 Deember: 9am – 5pm
Sunday 17 December: 9am – 5pm

Monday 18 December: 8:30am – 5pm
Tuesday 19 December: 8:30am – 5pm
Wednesday 20 December: 8:30am – 5pm
Thursday 21 December: 8:30am – 9pm
Friday 22 December: 8:30am – 9pm
Saturday 23 December: 8:30am – 5pm
Sunday 24 December: 8:30am – 4pm

Sensitive Santa Photography Hours:
7:30am – 9am on Monday 4 December
7:30am – 9am on Tuesday 5 December
7:30am – 8:30am on Tuesday 12 December
7:30am – 8:30am Wednesday 13 December

To book or for more information please call Concierge on 8338 1911.

Santa Paws Pet Photography Hours:
Friday 8 December: 6pm till 7pm.
Saturday 9 December: fully booked.

To book or for more information please call Concierge on 8338 1911.

Lego Land Hours:
December 12-22 with daily activities from 10am-2pm
December 21-22 additional daily activities 3pm-6pm

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