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Everything We Learnt At The Opening Of Level One

Let us educate you….

Last night the Glam Team and the rest of Adelaide’s elite folks were invited to the launch of the much anticipated new restaurant Level One, at super-venue Electra House (read more here). With one of the owners being an absolute wine expert and another being a food genius we knew that we were in for a night of SA’s finest vino and mini menu samples to die for. We learnt a thing or two while we were there that we think could come in handy should you plan a visit to Level One. Which you most definitely should…

So these are the things that we learnt when we took things to the next level…

Greeting guests with rows and rows of Negronis will get the party off to an amazing start.

Old Adelaide heritage buildings can combine with modern decor in the most stunning way.

The term “New York Style” can encompass a plethora of gorgeous meanings.

Casual and high end can blend together to create incredible results.

Pink and navy is a totally brilliant colour combination.

Simple interior design is so vogue.

Looking at Adelaide’s heritage buildings from the next level up will leave you in awe.

Restaurant launches don’t always mean a three course meal.

The closer you stand to the kitchen entrance the more likely you are to be locking your lips around every type of canape.

Oysters on Horseback has nothing to do with horses, the waiter will not be amused if you laugh at him when he offers you one (they were delicious by the way!)

Compressed Watermelon Cubes served with mint and goat’s cheese are utterly delicious and even if you eat 8 of them you won’t get full.

Ham Sandwiches can be super sexy (and again delicious).

Salt and Pepper squid can be utterly glamorous, and is totally not just a pub food.

‘Asian Fusion’ is our new favourite type of cuisine.

Asian fuses with pretty much any other type of cuisine to make culinary magic.

If you ask the waitress to leave the platter of canapes at your table she won’t take you seriously.

If you befriend the waitress she’ll always make sure every food platter comes your way.

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake topped with fig jam and basil seeds should never be served in teeny tiny cube size, only huge slabs.

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake topped with fig jam and basil seeds should be available in a take-home variety.

The pet Siamese fighting fish on the counter is named Phteven.

Oldeth wine doesn’t always maketh better wine, but 1996 Petaluma Cabernet Merlot is exceptional.

Even bathrooms can be so beautiful they take your breath away.

The ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ monkeys on the back of the waiters’ t-shirts name is Michael George.

If you choose to replace food with wine and are wearing stilettos take the elevator, not the stairs.

If you choose to replace food with wine you won’t enjoying getting up for work the next day.

Keep your eye on Glam next week as we bring you a full review of the menu. It will also involve food porn.


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