Everything You Need For Chocolate Smoky Eyes

Everything You Need For Chocolate Smoky Eyes

Many people are scared to try a smoky eye look but it really is easy to achieve easily. Just follow this simple guide.


A smoky eye is a go to look for many makeup lovers but a black smoky eye can sometimes be a little harsh. A great option is to use chocolate brown tones for a softer but still dramatic look. Here is a guide to create a flawless brown smoky eye in a few simple steps:


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1. Brush and fill in your eyebrows to create a gorgeous frame for your eye. There are many products you ca use to colour the brows but I prefer a brow powder for a softer look. Runway Room cosmetics have a full brow maintenance kit with everything you need.

Next create a perfect canvas for your eye shadow by priming the eyelid. Try an eye shadow primer for a crease free base. Then line the waterline of the eye with a soft crayon or pencil. The Benefit Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer for $45 is a cracker.

2. Run the same liner under the bottom lash line about three quarters of the way along from the outer corner in and then blend with a flat eyeshadow brush. A great liner is a $14 Model Co Eye Define Eye Liner which is a creamy, deeply pigmented pencil with an inbuilt sharpener.

3. For this look you will need blend a few different eyeshadow colours so investing in an eyeshadow palette with numerous shades is beneficial. The Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Matte Palette is an excellent choice.

To build up your shadow start with a transition colour placing along the lash line and working up through the crease of the eyelid. From the Tarte palette, the shade “Force of Nature” would work well.

4. Next go back to your pencil liner and run it half way along the top lash line and again smudge out with a flat shadow brush.

5. Add a definition shadow colour in the outer edge of the eyelid and blend out and upwards. A deeper chocolate tone from the Tarte palette would be “Bombshell” or “Fashionista”. Using the same colour use a smaller pencil or bullet eyeshadow brush and run the colour along the bottom lash line blending in with the pencil liner.

6. To complete your shadow place the lightest shade, The Tarte colour “Free Spirit” on the inner corner of the eyelid to highlight and add a pop.

To finish the look curl your lashes and coat the lashes with a lash primer and then black thickening mascara such as this Model Co fibre lash (Danni Minogue’s favourite) for false lashes in a bottle.

Smoky Eye Intruction
So many people are scared to try a smoky eye look but it really is easy using the above steps and using the right tools. Great brushes are a must, and the Zoeva Eye Set from Sephora is perfect which will cover pretty much all of your eye make up needs.

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