SA’s remarkable night walk for charity returns! Here’s all you need to know about the SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk 2024

Get set for an unforgettably fun night exploring Adelaide’s illuminated streets, surrounded by good vibes, treats, bright lights and the SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk team.

On Saturday, July 6, at 4pm, a crowd of excited South Australians will set off on this year’s SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk on the Adelaide Riverbank Lawns, and they want you to join them for 11km of fun. The best part is you’ll be raising money for life-saving research along the way. 

Over 1,800 attended the enormously successful 2023 SAHMRI Walk, and this year’s walk looks like it’ll be even bigger and brighter, literally, with an earlier start while the sun is still up for families.

You can walk alone or with friends and family (and fur family).  Whatever approach you choose, you’ll never be alone. Surrounded by hundreds of other SAHMRI BRIGHT walkers and support crew around the streets and suburbs of Adelaide, you’ll feel safe and supported the whole way.

Olivia participated in last year’s walk and had a fabulous experience:

“I enjoyed walking with my friends. The atmosphere was great, and the people directing us were friendly and encouraging. The entertainment along the route was great, too!”

With the big event just around the corner, we thought it timely to provide an overview of what you can expect, what you should wear, and everything else you need to know to make this a fun and memorable experience.

2024 SAHMRI BRIGHT WALK … the stuff you need to know

What: The BRIGHT Walk is an 11km spectacular fundraising walk through Adelaide.

When: Saturday, July 6 at 4pm

Where: Adelaide Riverbank Lawns, Montefiore Road, Adelaide

Why:  To raise funds to help SAHMRI cure disease and save lives.

Can anyone do the walk?

This year’s walk is 11km, slightly shorter than previous years, making participating easier for children.

The walk could take two to four hours, depending on your fitness and pace. Stopping to take in Illuminates’s Adelaide City Lights and other fun sights and sounds along the way will add to your time but also enrich your memories of this fantastic night.

Upon signing up, the SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk team will send you a Training Pack, including a Health Checklist, to avoid unnecessary risk if your health is not up to scratch.

The Training Pack isn’t anything to worry about. This is not a race, a marathon or a commando course; it’s a fun, challenging walk that requires a reasonable level of health and fitness.

The training regime encourages participants to prepare by taking short walks at first, gradually increasing in distance. It also includes stretches and self-care to ensure they’re ready to go on the day. 

Will there be food and drinks available?

Yes, indeed, there will be. You will find food and drink options in various locations. Midway through the walk, you’ll stop at the National Wine Centre, where you can rest in the warmth while enjoying a nourishing bite and a glass of wine.

SA Water Quench Benches have been placed along the route, so you can top up your water bottle and have a snack to keep you going. 

Then, once you finish the walk at the SAHMRI “Cheesegrater” building on North Terrace, you’ll be greeted by an energetic band celebrating your achievement while you kick back with a hunger-buster or a drink to hydrate you for your journey home.

What should I wear and bring?

While we can’t predict the weather on the day, you can anticipate it’ll be a typical Winter night.  To be safe, bring your wet weather gear and umbrella.

The SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk event information page also recommends that you carry a light (mobile phone or head torch) for some of the walk’s darker sections.

When selecting warm clothes, opt for layers instead of a thick, heavy jacket. Layering will allow you to peel off unnecessary clothing as your body temperature increases. 

Wear sneakers or walking shoes with good tread to ensure your feet are happy and blister-free. Also, wear socks made of wicking fabric instead of cotton in case it’s raining, or your feet get a bit sweaty. Packing a spare pair of socks is a wise move.

The SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk Training Guide recommends you avoid wearing anything new on the day.  Pull out your tried-and-tested old faithfuls. If you need to buy new shoes, head to the shops now and start wearing them so they’re ready to carry you comfortably through the night.

You can also wear your SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk merchandise. They’ve covered you with zip-up fleece, beanie, gloves, socks, backpacks and water bottles. You can secure these items through your fundraising efforts.

The more you raise, the more merch you score, starting off with a drawstring bag for the first donation you receive. Once you hit $100, you’ll score a pair of BRIGHT socks, and then, for $250, you can claim your BRIGHT 2024 walking shirt and so on.

One final tip, straight from SAHMRI is to “…make sure you bring a positive attitude, smile and any BRIGHT gear you can find! This includes bright clothing, fairy lights or glow sticks!”

What’s the SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk route?

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, here’s a map for you. You can also grab a printable version of this map from the SAHMRI BRIGHT walk website:

How do I raise funds for SAHMRI?

When you sign up to join the SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk, you’re already raising funds through your ticket alone, but to make an impact, you can also raise additional funds to help SAHMRI.

After signing up, you’ll receive a fundraising pack that explains the “hows and whys” of fundraising. You’ll also get to read about Associate Professor Christina Bursill, who was awarded $100,000 from last year’s fundraising to further her research into the identification and treatment of heart disease:

“Funds raised by SAHMRI’s BRIGHT Walk support a range of projects, including my team’s mission to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease. I’m excited to walk for life-changing research on July 6 and would love you to join me or consider donating.” 

Not every participant participates in the extra fundraising activities, and that’s okay. SAHMRI appreciates the efforts of everyone who buys a ticket and contributes to the fun energy of the night.  

According to 2023 SAHMRI BRIGHT walker, Kym:

“It was a great event, and there wasn’t any pressure on fundraising, which was good. Even though the weather was wet and cold. I’m so glad we did it and will do it again.”

To find out more and to sign up for this brilliant night out,  head over to

I’ll certainly be there, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all out there, taking lots of steps so SAHMRI’s research can take great strides.

The final word goes to Lisa from last year’s walk:

“I would encourage anyone to support SAHMRI’s ongoing research and funding to keep the flow of discovery, which can give hope to someone who has a diagnosis for which available therapies are limited or non-existent. Keep up the good work!”

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