Everything You Need To Know Before Dining At Adelaide's Channel Seven Restaurant Revolution

Everything You Need To Know Before Dining At Channel Seven’s Adelaide Restaurant Revolution Venue – 28 Street

Today marks the first day the Victoria Square pop up restaurant “28 Street” will open its doors to the public – so we’ve got the low down for you.


In SA we love our food. And our reality TV. So when Channel Seven served up their latest offering, Restaurant Revolution, which gives you the chance to potentially star on the show, eat in Adelaide’s newest restaurant, and support South Australia, we were paying attention.

Five teams from around Australia, all with an idea for a new restaurant, have been given the chance to live their dream.Restaurant Revolution is a new multi-night reality show which sees ordinary Australians charged with designing and running their own pop-up restaurant.

Today marks the first day the Victoria Square pop up restaurant “28 Street” will open its doors to the public, then Lunch Wednesday – Sunday and Dinner Wednesday – Saturday (ongoing), all while the cameras are rolling.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the venue on Sunday night at their VIP launch, and so here’s the low down on what to expect.

Firstly, 28 Street is made of shipping containers. Don’t let this deter you. It’s massive inside. Think Fringe shipping container bar style. There’s about 8 of these huge things bolted together, and decorated to resemble a much more permanent venue. While we would have run with a more warehouse, modern feel to suit all the metal, the decor is a real mash up of styles, designed by the Adelaide team – siblings David, Asa, Anthony and Reine Donehue. Perhaps the styling reflects the home they all grew up in – 28 Street – for which the restaurant is named after. I guess we’ll need to watch the show to find out.

Sunday night offered a glimpse of what we can expect from the Adelaide team. While it was all a bit disorganised, the family were truly excited to showcase what they had created. They have have designed their restaurant from the ground up – everything from décor to menus to staffing, with the goal of serving up to the paying public. With three qualified chefs and a cook, the Donehue siblings know their food – and it showed.

Growing up in a multi-cultural house, the Asian, Italian and Indian heritages they were exposed to are showcased in their cooking. They’ve settled on Modern Australian for 28 Street – and we can’t wait to see how they fare under ‘normal’ restaurant conditions. Catering for a set menu launch night is one thing. Serving up to the public is quite another. 

We all thought it would be freezing inside the shipping containers, but it’s climate controlled and very protected from the weather.  We barely noticed the crazy weather outside.

If you’re getting dropped off (it’s BYO), we’d suggest hitting the Collins Bar at Hilton Adelaide for a pre-dinner martini, then heading walking across into the Square. Bring an umbrella as there’s no undercover area outside if you’re going to be waiting for a table. They won’t be taking bookings.

The series offers a truly interactive experience for viewers who can dine in and sample the food, service and atmosphere for themselves, plus contribute their own review in the restaurant’s Feedback Booth. It’s actually quite fun. Our own “Big Brother’ style experience of talking to the camera. There’s also a large screen on the wall at 28 Street where Restaurant Revolution host & Adelaide-based chef and restaurateur Jock Zonfrillo, may pop up from time to time.

More than a food competition, Restaurant Revolution is about which team can run a successful business. Each week, they’ll be judged by a team of experts, their customers and also on their profit margin. In the end, the best and most profitable restaurant of the series will win the grand prize of $200,000.

Industry experts Neil Perry, Jess Ho, Erez Gordon and John Lethlean will mentor and judge the teams.

Check it all out in Victoria Square, Adelaide – or on Channel Seven!


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