Evie’s Express brings unique cafe-laundry concept to Adelaide

Evie’s Express Laundry & Cafe, Adelaide’s first Laundromat Cafe, has opened its doors in the CBD.

Images: Evie’s Express

Since customers at laundromats constantly seek ways to pass the time, why not create a space where they can relax and enjoy themselves while their laundry is being done?

With that vision in mind, Evie’s Express Laundry & Cafe, Adelaide’s first Laundromat Cafe, has opened its doors, offering a unique blend of laundry services and café hospitality.

Breaking away from the conventional notion of laundromats as dull and uninspiring spaces, owners David and Lin envisioned a space where people could multitask in style. 

“We run an accommodation business and have expanded to 35 properties in Adelaide. We did the washing in domestic machines earlier, but we outgrew them. Then we thought of making it commercial and opening a laundromat,” says David Hoang.  

But what motivated the pair to open a cafe?

“My business partner and wife love making coffee. She has dreamt of becoming a barista for a long time. So when we found a nice place in the city, we thought, why not open a cafe with a laundromat? So that’s how it started,” says David.

“It’s been just five days, and we have had a lot of customers. We wanted people to sip coffee while waiting for their laundry to be done.”

The café offers a diverse menu featuring espresso drinks, teas, milkshakes, pastries, sweets, and various jaffles, all priced affordably between 3 to 12 dollars.

“We decided on a simple, minimal menu, focusing on toasted sandwiches and espresso drinks. We are keeping the price affordable so people can enjoy it,” explains David.

Beyond its innovative concept, Evie’s has its sights set on expansion, with plans to offer wash and dry, fold pick-up, and drop-off services.

“We are planning to open more big branches in other localities in Adelaide – all with a café of course. This is just the beginning for us,” reveals David.

The name “Evie” holds special significance, as it comes from their daughter. “Evie, the name came from our daughter. We named the café after her,” says David.

Evie’s Express Laundry & Cafe
Where: 201 Franklin St, Adelaide SA 5000 
Open: Laundry open Mon – Sun 6am until 12am, Cafe open Tues – Sun 7am until 3pm
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