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Excitement brews as the Clare Valley Distillery prepares to unveil its Cellar Door

The boutique Clare Valley Distillery is preparing to open its first signature gin cellar door in the heart of Clare.

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Nestled in the heart of Clare Valley, the Clare Valley Distillery is preparing to open its Cellar Door in coming months.

Clare Valley Distillery was born from the notable absence of a local gin, capturing the imaginations of three Clare natives, Di Mayfield, Guy Parkinson and Katherine Nugent. The dynamic trio began with the long-term goal of establishing their distillery in Clare, as seen now with their new cellar door.

“It’s something that we’ve been aiming to have for many years now and its sort of been a bit of a pipe dream until now that I’m seeing it go up in front of my very eyes,” Katherine Nugent of Clare Valley Distillery says.

“I think just the realisation of a dream that’s actually happening now, it’s actually going to be.

“It’s quite beautiful inside looking out, all you can see is either vineyards.”

Katherine Nugent hopes to create a boutique experience that will be a creative hub for artists.

“I’m also hoping to co-host creative writing retreats and classes down the track, just to have a different artistic enterprise in the valley that we don’t really have yet,” says Katherine.

“We have the odd one here or there, but nothing regular. I’d like to have one that has opened up a bit of a gateway to people, attracting authors and writers to the area.”

The distillery has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike with its stunning retro pop-up bar. You may have also seen ‘Little Tinnie’, the offical gin caravan rolling out to events and functions all over the valley and beyond.

Having a gin distillery is a refreshing change in the wine-dominated region.

“It’s not a winery, and our wineries are fantastic,” says Katherine.

“It’s this kind of different vibe, and it’s really complimentary to the wineries and that it’s a similar experience.

“It’s got a different edge and different product, obviously. But it’s also within that sense of hospitality, industry and in tourism, and hopefully, it’ll attract more visitors, like people who maybe don’t drink wine.”

Anticipation is building for the new Cellar Door to finally open, and while eager customers wait, they are encouraged to check out the distillery’s signature gin.

Currently, the distillery offers five gin varieties for purchase. The ‘Original Gin’, the ‘Festive Gin’, the ‘Hutt River Gin’, the ‘Seed Classic Dry Gin’ and inspired by the Clare Valley’s obsession with riesling, a ‘Seed Melva Riesling Gin’. Each of these boutique spirits are available to purchase for $94.95 each.

What is Katherine’s personal gin recommendation you might ask?

“Well at the moment, I think for me the ‘Festive Gin’ is my current favourite, just because it seems to always work for whatever occasion and given that we’re about to have the Clare Valley Gourmet Festival in a couple of weeks time,” says Katherine.

Currently, the Cellar Door is on track to open in October this year. Keep an eye on Clare Valley Distillery’s social media for updates on the upcoming cellar door and everything gin-related!

What: Clare Valley Distillery Cellar Door
8538 Main North Road, Clare SA 5453
When: October* (TBD)
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