Exclusive COVID Tales coffee table book tells South Australian stories

Your new favourite coffee table book is going to land soon and it tells the stories of resilient South Australians.

Photo by Little Oak Studio.

There were a lot of stories to come out of the COVID-19 crisis but perhaps the biggest stories was the resilience of South Australian’s and SA businesses.

Soon a coffee table book called the COVID Tales will be released showing the strength and durability of businesses and their staff.

When photographer Rachel Sharp of The Little Oak Studio first announced her project The COVID Tales in May 2020 we were still very much in the grip of Coronavirus and she really did not know what to expect and how the project would be received.

Now Rachel can’t believe what the response was.

“I am so grateful for the support this project has received from the local business community. 95 amazing South Australian businesses have signed up to tell their story and I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the book.” she says.

This extraordinary photographic project is an amazing tribute to the tenacity and resilience of local South Australian businesses, and the stories are just as diverse as the businesses featured.

The COVID Tales is a limited edition with only 250 copies being printed.

Rachel plans to donate a number of copies to selected libraries, which leaves just 125 copies available for purchase.

Rachel is planning an exclusive launch event for participating businesses and says she can’t wait to raise a glass of bubbles (or two) to celebrate the completion of this project which is being slated for June this year.

This coffee table book is a great representation of what we went through in a strange 2020 and is sure to become a book to look back at for year to come.

The COVID Tales will retail for $140 but to celebrate the imminent completion of the book, Rachel has opened pre-orders at the exclusive price of just $125 per copy.

Pre order yours here.

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