Exclusive whisky lounge ‘Ralph Louis Frederick’ opens in CBD

In the heart of Adelaide, a new sanctuary for the whisky connoisseur has opened its doors, but not to just anyone.

In the heart of Adelaide, a new sanctuary for the whisky connoisseur has opened its doors, but not to just anyone.

Ralph Louis Frederick is the city’s latest indulgence, an exclusive, invite-only whisky bar where luxury and privacy are the orders of the evening. This is a venue that doesn’t just serve drinks but curates experiences for the discerning few.

In the laneways of Gilbert Place, above Hains & Co, Ralph Louis Frederick is a hidden gem that offers an escape to an era of elegance and sophistication. With its Art Deco and Art Nouveau-inspired interiors, the bar is a nod to the days when going out was an event, and dressing up was part of the allure.

It’s a place where the clink of glasses harmonizes with the sounds of jazz, classical, and opera, and where conversations are as rich as the whisky being poured.

The collection at Ralph Louis Frederick is as exclusive as its guest list, boasting an impressive range of whiskies. From the rarest bottlings from ghosted distilleries to treasures no longer in production, the bar’s shelves stock some of the world’s finest spirits. And for those whose palate desires something beyond whisky, there’s a selection of stirred cocktails, fine wines, and premium champagne to savor.

True to its commitment to exclusivity, Ralph Louis Frederick offers patrons the opportunity to secure a personal locker, a home for their favourite bottle and cigars, available for auction with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

As a Scotch Malt Whisky Society Partner Bar, Ralph Louis Frederick isn’t just a place to drink whisky; it’s a place to experience it. Without the traditional bar barrier, patrons can interact with the collection intimately, choosing their next pour with the guidance of knowledgeable staff who understand that whisky tasting is a journey, not just a drink.

This is Adelaide’s answer to the private members’ clubs of New York and London, a space where the city’s elite can unwind in style. For those who seek to be part of this rarefied world, an invitation to Ralph Louis Frederick is a ticket to an evening of unparalleled luxury.

Ralph Louis Frederick
Where: 23 Gilbert Place, Adelaide SA 5000 (Access through Hains & Co. gated stairway)

For more info, click here.

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