Exhibition Review: Tadic, Earles And Romanowycz At Art Images Gallery

A diverse exhibition of contrasting art is currently on display at Art Images Gallery; ranging from limestone sculptures to a variety of colourful pop art urban scenes.


Presented by Art Images Gallery
Reviewed 20 September 2015

A diverse exhibition of contrasting art is currently on display at Art Images Gallery; ranging from simplistic limestone sculptures to a variety of hectic societal images, but most impressively, colourful pop art urban scenes.

The first works you experience as your enter Art Images Gallery are Ivo Tadic’s simple, yet beautiful limestone sculptures which range from wall hangings to larger, upright fully three dimensional works. They are all thematically linked to the ocean, including spiralling sea shells or flat, jagged-edged fan shells. Tadic has also incorporated bases of natural substances, such as driftwood and dolomite, to enhance his natural theme. His wall hangings include the sculpted rhythms of the repetitive patterns created by waves both calm and choppy. In a contrasting style to his more natural formations, the exhibition also includes several wall-hangings of clear cut, complex symbols similar to those of Mayan art.

Sharing the same space are Bruce Earles’ large, multi-coloured oil paintings that present a jigsaw of simplistic images of random societal subjects such as people, animals, trees, buildings, umbrellas and flower pots. These subjects are all created through semi-abstract shapes which are separated by a textured white background which prevents the paintings from becoming overwhelmingly busy. This type of “naïve” art seems to be popular at Art Images as this style has appeared frequently in recent exhibitions (see Mark Warren, Pete Groves).

image1Lastly, the exhibition presents what to this reviewer were the strongest works of the three artists; Todd Romanowycz’s (“Romy”) colourful, pop-art scenes inspired by the 90’s culture of urban Adelaide. These are stand out pieces! Romanowycz has successfully brought to life everyday urban scenes through his simple, yet interesting designs which are combined with bold, block colours such as pink, yellow and blue. Most of his works are an unusual combination of oil paint on Perspex, and this medium is also explored in three sculptural pieces where different layers of painted Perspex build up the final image. Romanowycz’s love of classic Holden cars permeates the subject matter of his art, but you don’t have to be a car lover to enjoy his work.

Although not the most exciting exhibition Art Images Gallery has produced of late, it does hold an interest for those who enjoy diversity within art. Romanowycz’s works are especially worth a visit as they present a unique combination of style and medium not readily found elsewhere.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

Venue: Art Images Gallery, 32 The Parade, Norwood
Season: 4 September – 4 October
Tickets: Free Entry

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