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Burger shop creates delicious soft serve that’s safe for expectant mums

Diamond Burger has released the Swirly – a soft ice-creamy treat, safe to satisfy pregnant cravings.

As if a Big Mac Daddy with a side of Onion Rings wasn’t enough to satisfy the cravings of a pregnant woman! Adelaide’s hugely popular burger joint, Diamond Burger on Port Rush Road at Glenunga has announced its own pregnancy-friendly version of the McFlurry.

In a post on Social Media this week, expectant Mums were cheering at the news that they could now enjoy a risk-free ice-creamy treat with all the chocolatey trimmings.

Using real ice-cream crushed in a hydraulic press, mixed with a choice of Oreos, Maltesers, Kinder Bueno or Biscoff – we’re tipping expectant Dads will be sent off on a Uber-style pregnancy-craving mission.

Regular Soft Serve Ice-Cream is a food that experts recommend be avoided when pregnant, due to it being stored at temperatures which make it more likely for Listeria to grow.

But the team at Diamond Burger have come to the rescue – they say the process they use for their Ice-Cream has been tested in a bio lab under a 90 day study, proving it safe from any nasty bacteria.

“So if you’ve got a bun in the oven and have a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered.”

Speaking of buns and cravings, Diamond Burger, which opened late last year, has been swamped with customers, leaving rave reviews about their uniquely designed burgers

One satisfied burger connoisseur rated his burger a 10/10 – “EASILY the best burger I’ve ever had (including my trips to the States).”

This month’s specialty burger is the whopping big French Onion Oklahoma Smasher, and if parent’s grab themselves a burger combo on Tuesday nights, kids can eat free. It’s the family-friendly venue that just keeps giving!

The masterminds behind the popular burger bar, are none other than, business power couple, Josh and Chimere Rivers, who are also the creators of C.R.E.A.M, Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza Bar and the newly announced specialty Donut Shop for the Bay, Landoughs.

Diamond Burger
Where: 3/563 Portrush Rd, Glenunga
Check them out: Click here

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