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Explore South Australia Virtually With Our Top SATV Picks

With #SATV, you can travel online throughout South Australia and support our tourism operators. Here are some of our favourite episodes!

While regional holidays have recently been given the go-ahead, most of us aren’t able to drop everything and run away into the wide-ranging beauty of South Australia immediately.

The South Australian Tourism Commission launched #SATV for this exact reason. From professional star-gazers to gin distillers, world-class chefs and shark cage divers, travel online throughout South Australia and support your favourite operator through this challenging time.

You can expect fresh video content each week so that you can learn from our tourism folk, ask questions (as if you were on tour), or “kick back” somewhere in the great outdoors.

We’ve had a look through all the #SATV episodes until now and put together a list of our favourites, sorted into categories depending on what you’re looking for — from tranquil immersion into stunning scenery to cooking classes with Adelaide’s best chefs.

Relax & Unwind

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens in Autumn

For the majority of autumn, the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens were tragically, yet understandably closed, which is why we turned to this magical over-head tour of the sweeping views of forests of orange, amber, red and yellow.

View ‘Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens in Autumn’ here.

Swim With Wild Sea-Lions

Sea-lions are the playful puppy dogs of the sea and in South Australia, you can swim with them in the Eyre Peninsula or Kangaroo Island. This episode immerses you beneath the waves, where a bunch of sweet sea-lions frolic.

View ‘Wild Sea-Lions’ here.

Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks

The iconic Remarkable Rocks of Kangaroo Island are still every bit as remarkable, even after the devastating bushfires earlier this year. Let this episode guide you through their grandeur.

View ‘Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks’ here.

Pantry Chef

How To Make A Secret Tea Sandwich Recipe With Africola

This Secret Tea Sandwich is one of Africola’s most renown and signature dishes — and Africola’s very own Duncan Welgemoed teaches you how to make it at home in this SATV episode!

View ‘How To Make A Secret Tea Sandwich Recipe With Africola’ here.

Maggie’s ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC day may have already passed, but ANZAC biscuits taste great all year round. This episode shows you how to make the sweet and chewy (or crunchy, depending how you like them) biscuits with Maggie Beer.

View ‘Maggie’s ANZAC Biscuits’ here.

How To Make The Best Fried Rice At Home With Adam Litson

You might already know how to make fried rice yourself—but do you know how Shōbōsho’s Adam Liston makes fried rice? Learn this quick and simple recipe from one of Adelaide’s best chefs.

View ‘How To Make The Best Fried Rice At Home With Adam Litson’ here.

Virtual Tours

Yorke Peninsula Underwater Virtual Tour

Virtually tour the Yorke Peninsula’s underwater world in this episode, with a quick scuba dive off the Stenhouse Bay Jetty in Innes National Park. Read more on the Yorke Peninsula here: https://bit.ly/Yorke_Peninsula

View ‘Yorke Peninsula Underwater Virtual Tour’ here.

Barossa Virtual Tour

While you’re planning all the things you’ll do once you get back to the Barossa, this episode will take you through one of the most beautiful, internationally-acclaimed wine regions of South Australia.

View ‘Barossa Virtual Tour’ here.

Private Tour of the Art Gallery of SA

While the Art Gallery has been closed for a while, this episodes takes you on a tour through its rooms with Assistant Director, Dr. Lisa Slade as your guide.

View ‘Private tour of the Art Gallery of SA’ here.

Happy Hour

Learn How to Make the Perfect Espresso Martini & Rose Cosmo

Have you tried mixing your own cocktails while at home yet? Why not learn from the pros. Let 23rd St Distillery teach you how to make an espresso martini and rose cosmo — so you can really impress next time drinks are at yours!

View ‘Learn How to Make the Perfect Espresso Martini & Rose Cosmo’ here.

Rosé at Golding Wines

We love rosé and we love Golding Wines, which is why we love this SATV episode with Lucy and Darren from their Adelaide Hills vineyard, Golding Wines, as they talk us through the progress of their property since the bushfires.

View ‘Rosé at Golding Wines’ here.

Into The Wild

Meet The Quokka Family

Quokkas are small mammals native to Western Australia, known for their rather friendly furry faces. This SATV episode introduces you to the adorable quokkas at Adelaide Zoo in a live Q&A session with Brett, one of the zookeepers.

View ‘Meet The Quokka Family’ here.

Oyster Shucking With Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tours

In this SATV episode, learn how oysters are grown and shucked during a private oyster farm tour filmed in the turquoise waters of Eyre Peninsula. Learn more about Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tours here: https://bit.ly/OysterFarmTours

View ‘Oyster Shucking With Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tours’ here.

Arkaroola’s Guide to the Galaxy

Filmed from what feels like the edge of space, Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary owner, Doug Sprigg talks all things Arkaroola and star gazing. Learn more about Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary here: https://bit.ly/ArkaroolaWildernessSac…

View ‘Arkaroola’s Guide to the Galaxy’ here.

For the all the SATV episodes so far, visit the SATV full playlist on Youtube or southaustralia.com/satv.

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