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Expose Your Most Hilarious, Devious and Fabulous Friends at BRKLYN’s Newest Event

An interactive anti-trivia, gameshow event is launching at BRKLYN and it looks bloody hilarious – you HAVE to try it.

Always wondered who the freak in your friendship group is? (Hint: if you don’t know – it’s probably you) Well now, you can finally know for certain thanks to The Sheepoll Show, coming to BRKLYN for the first time ever.

The interactive gameshow-style event is set to have you and your friends in stitches of laughter. It takes the best aspects of trivia and stand-up comedy then jams them into a new concept that is more palatable to millennials, yet still accessible to the generations above.

It’s dubbed an ‘anti-trivia’ gameshow that socially compares it’s audience by uncovering where their opinions lie within society.

Over two rounds, the gameplay is comprised of 15 different segments made up of 28 polls and 4 prize games. Each segment boasts it’s own quirky sheep-themed cartoon and jingle, as well as its own polls and rules. You’ll be loosely guided through a psychological playground of everyday ‘dilambas’, moral quarrels and risqué personal polls. There are no right or wrong answers, so expect fiery banter and debate between friends, strangers and the mischevious co-hosts (who can never agree on anything). Expect to encounter polls along the lines of:

‘Would you rather put an end to animal abuse or pollution?’
‘Who would win in a sandcastle building contest: Bob the Builder or David Hasselhoff?’
‘What’s the best way to break up with someone without using words?’

Are you a unique Black Sheep or a run-of-the-mill White Sheep? Perhaps you’re a shade of grey between the two. Regardless, coming to The Sheepoll Show is the funnest way to find out.


Giving creative or hilarious responses could likely win you a beer or two during the show, and if that’s not enough, you’ll also get matched with your “PollMate” and “Pollar Opposite”!

The experience is powered by the Sheepoll app, an interactive, real-time data collection platform. Built from the ground up, it simultaneously combines the host controls, the player’s responses and the screen-feeds. It also features a lot of quirky and cute elements to keep the flow fun and engaging.

In the end, the Sheepoll app determines the White Sheep and Black Sheep of the room, celebrating the most average person and the biggest freak. Both players win venue vouchers and kickass sheep shirts to match their freshly unveiled identities.

Not only is The Sheepoll Show the only gameshow of it’s kind in the world, but it’s all been proudly conceived and produced right here in Australia. The experience is free, comical and insightful. It’s awesome with a group, makes a perfect first date, and even works if you want to come as a solo.

‘Who would win in a sandcastle building contest: Bob the Builder or David Hasselhoff?’

So… now that you’ve herd all about Sheepoll, be sure to join them for their weekly graze at BRKLYN, starting Monday nights at 7pm. Come on it’s free – you’ve got mutton to lose.

Download the app here for free before you go!

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