Faar Farr Away Café & Dessert Bar brings Asian-fusion flavours to Walkerville

Faar Farr Away Café & Dessert Bar is about to open under the Watson apartment block in Walkerville with fun neon branding, a community attitude and delicious Asian-fusion flavours.

A new charming café and dessert bar is about to open under the Watson apartment block in Walkerville with fun neon branding, a community attitude and delicious Asian-fusion flavours.

For owner Fah and her team of talented chefs, the grand opening this Saturday February 10th is a long-held dream.

“It is our first family-owned cafe,” Fah shares. “We recently had a baby and we wanted to do this with our friends who are chefs (pastry and normal) and thought this was perfect for a better work-life balance.”

Embracing the concept of ‘Faar Farr Away in the land of food and desserts’, Fah envisions a space where guests can enjoy food inspired by distant lands. From brunch to late-night desserts, the team have a range of different dishes to try.

Drawing upon their diverse Asian backgrounds, the team at Faar Farr Away has crafted a menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of Asian flavours. From Thai-inspired soft shell crab to tom yum fried chicken croffle, each dish on the menu tells a story of passion and creativity.

“It’s one of my favourites,” Fah enthuses, describing the sawadee-crab, using a delicious blend of Thai curry and tomato-infused sauce. With options ranging from Korean-inspired pork salad to vegan-friendly miso mushroom pasta, Faar Farr Away offers something for every palette.

And let’s not forget the desserts – a tantalising array of sweet treats that promise to impress. From Nutella berry moffle to earl grey moffle and Ube hotcake, each creation is a little different to those you can find in the area.

Adding to the sweet treats is a delicious range of cocktails, including Pink Margaritas with tequila, triple sec, watermelon, lime, and berry salt, and frozen Pandan Coladas with coconut rum, pineapple, pandan cream and lime.

Of course, no cafe is complete without good coffee. After tasting Gabriel Coffee in Sydney and in Canberra, they settled on a black blend that they describe as “full bodied, but not too overpowering”. It’s the first cafe in South Australia to stock the brand.

Faar Farr Away is a testament to Fah’s unwavering dedication and passion for hospitality. “Initially, back in high school, I actually had an interest in making macarons and that’s where the business started,” Fah reveals. “I’ve dreamt of this since I was 18. I originally did nursing, but having our own eatery feels right now.”

The brand’s logo is a reflection of that with a cute little blob eating a macaron and wearing a macaron hat. “logo has always been there since my side macaron business and it felt right for this new venture too,” she says.

“We’re very excited to officially open, we’ve worked really hard to get to this point.”

Faar Farr Away
Where: 33 Warwick St, Walkerville SA 5081
Open: Breakfast, lunch, sweets & coffee
Wed- Sun 9am- 3pm
Dessert nights Fri-Sun, 5pm- 10pm
Instagram: @faarfarraway_

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