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Fabulous G&T combos for International Gin and Tonic Day

To give you inspiration for your next G&T, we’ve reached out to some of our distiller friends to find out their favourite pairings.

It’s International Gin and Tonic Day today! To give you inspiration for your next G&T, we’ve reached out to some of our distiller friends to find out their favourite pairings. There’s a few cheeky recipes for you to try out as well.

Prohibition Liquor Co

Director, Adam Carpenter, says he loves to mix with their Moonlight Gin.

“I’d say my current favourite is our new Moonlight Gin & Tonic with 30ml PLC Moonlight Gin, 100ml FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic and garnished with a wedge of dehydrated pineapple (or fresh pear),” Adam says.

“It’s deep purple changes to vivid bright pink with tonic, and the flavour of hibiscus, fresh apples and citrus is perfect in the lead up to summer!”

Red Hen Gin

Owner and distiller, Anthony Vallelonga, suggests combos with the Red Hen Dry Gin and Ultra Violet Dry Gin.

“I recommend our Red Hen Classic Dry with Fevertree Mediterranean garnished and some dried citrus. My personal favourite is with a slice of dried orange,” Anthony says.

“Our Red Hen Ultra Violet is perfect for any summer party to light up the room and is best garnished with fresh strawberry and a sprig of rosemary – also using Fevertree Med tonic.”

Ambleside Distillers

Marketing manager, Bella Vintrice, says she’s a big fan of their Citrus Gins.

“Coming into summer our pick is a Citrus Gin (like our Mandarin Gin) paired with Strangelove’s coastal tonic – these guys are the absolute best for tonics! and garnished with fresh mandarin & thyme.”

Kangaroo Island Spirits

Cellar Door Manager, Sonny Johnston, recommends the KIS of the Wild as his gin and tonic of choice. 

This one is made with KIS Wild Gin, paired with either Capi Classic Tonic or Fever tree Mediterranean Tonic and garnished with sliced strawberries and a ribbon of fresh cucumber.

Three Little Birds Distillery

Leigh Brown from Three Little Birds Distillery loves their signature gin. It’s served with Strangelove No. 8 tonic and garnished with lemon thyme, dehydrated lemon, and served long.

Never Never Distilling Co.

Marketing Manager, Michael Newbold, says he is a big fan of their London Dry Style gin.

“We love a classic juniper-forward, London Dry Style gin like our Triple Juniper Gin, when it comes to crafting the perfect G&T,” he says.

Michael says there is actually a molecular science behind the perfect G&T.

“Without getting too nerdy, there are compounds found in juniper (limonene & a-pinene) and tonic water (quinine) that, when combined, form aggregates, new molecules which taste completely different from their constituent parts.”

Michael shares some tips on how to garnish your G&T, and lets us in on a couple of delicious recipes for you to try.

“A simple trick to remember when it comes to garnishing your favourite G&T – you can never go wrong with a herb and fruit combo,” he says.

“Many garnishes like herbs, add aroma. When it comes to an amazing G&T; aroma is just as important as flavour.

“Likewise, a fruit pairing can impart subtle sweetness, acidity or savoury character which can further add to the dynamics of the cocktail.

“We love to pair savoury herbs with sweet fruit as it adds a unique balance to the aroma and flavour. Orange is an obvious one, but also things like peach, cherry and lychees.”

Michael says to try combinations such as strawberry and basil or pear and dill. They deliver some amazing results and can brighten up the drabbest gin and tonic combinations.

Never Never Triple Juniper Strawberry & Basil G&T

30mL Never Never Triple Juniper Gin
100mL Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water
Garnish with fresh strawberry and basil.
Build all ingredients into a glass, add quality ice and top with tonic.

Triple Juniper Pear & Dill G&T

30ml Never Never Triple Juniper Gin⁠⠀
100ml Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic⠀
Garnish with fresh pear & dill of mint
⁠Build all ingredients into a glass, add quality ice and top with tonic.⁠

Now that we’ve given you some G&T inspo, it’s time to get mixing!

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