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Factor4 Launches In Adelaide, Superseding ‘Vampire Facials’ In The Quest For Youth

The next gen ‘vampire facial’ making waves in the beauty industry has landed in Adelaide.

Kim Kardashian was probably one of the first celebrities to really popularise the Plasma-Rich Platelet (PRP) treatment, aka the Vampire Facial, which is used as a super potent all-natural collagen treatment. The strange juxtaposition of Kim’s bloodied yet smiling selfie sent people bonkers. Needless to say the photo went viral and before you knew it, it was on everyone’s radar to try with plenty of people backing the results. But now there’s something that is taking the beauty treatment to the next level…

In Layman’s Terms

If we were to break down what a PRP treatment is using the most basic/least medical terminology, it involves having your own plasma (which comes from your blood) drawn and re-injected back into an area of treatment (commonly the face or décolletage). It’s essentially a natural, jacked-up version of your favourite collagen boosting treatments but you’re not putting anything foreign or synthetic into or on your body which has been a massive a drawcard for people.

Sooo…your blood is taken at the medi-spa/clinic and put into a fancy looking machine that spins it around ultra fast. This literally sucks the plasma out from your blood which will look like a yellowish oil sitting on top of the blood. And THAT my friends is the part you want! When the machine has stopped, your plasma is withdrawn and typically in a PRP treatment, re-injected back into an area of treatment but that’s old age tech now. There’s a new treatment that has a way to maximise and utilise even more of the good stuff found in plasma without having to draw blood every single treatment.

Enter, FACTOR4.

What FACTOR4 Can Help Treat

Firstly, you can use FACTOR4 pretty much anywhere on the body. You can treat the face, neck, décolletage, hands, scalp and even knees (true fact). FACTOR4 can help to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve your skin’s tone and reduce pore size
  • Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Lighten dark eye circles
  • Treat hair loss


The Crux Of FACTOR4 – What’s Involved and How It’s Different to PRP

FACTOR4 takes the PRP treatment one step further. It’s essentially the next generation PRP treatment, if you will. FACTOR4 is an even more concentrated, super-rich treatment that generates four times more growth factors in your plasma than any other blood rich injection product. Meaning better results are achievable in a shorter amount of time for majority of people.

FACTOR4 is autologous (which just means it’s harvested from the body’s own substances) and depending on the patient’s needs, it’s can be used to treat wrinkles and crepiness in areas of the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands, dark eye circles, stretch marks, scars with bonus effects of significant reducing in static face lines and tightening of the skin. One thing we found surprising was that FACTOR4 is also being used to treat hair loss for both men and women.

Before/After of stretch marks using FACTOR4

Before/After of wrinkles using FACTOR4

Before/After of hair loss treatment using FACTOR4

Treatment Process

The first step of the treatment is having your blood drawn by the doctor or nurse. Your blood is then stored in a vial that gets incubated for 6-9 hours. This is one of the most defining differences between PRP and FACTOR4 treatments. The incubation period with FACTOR4 enables and exposes the blood to pyrogenic-free surfaces which allow the growth factors in your blood to ultimately synthesis at a ridiculously faster rate leaving you with what’s basically your own super potent natural serum. During these 6 or so hours is where the rest of the magic happens to get your own FACTOR4 treatment ready behind the scenes. Assuming you don’t want to wait around, once you have your blood drawn you can leave and go about your day and come back anytime after the 6 hour period for the actual treatment. If you can’t or don’t want to come back that same day, they’ll freeze your blood for later use. You’ll only need your blood drawn once over the course of your entire round of treatments (which is recommended 4-6 courses).

While you’re at work or running errands, your incubated blood will be centrifuge. All centrifuging means is that the different density fluids are separated from one another. For example, cream from milk and liquids from solids. In this case it’s separating the plasma platelets (which is the part you want) from the blood. Then, as we said before, they will extract your plasma which is sitting on top of the blood. The plasma will then be portioned and stored in the freezer until you come back later that day. Using a fractional dermal needling system, a pen with a cluster of tiny micro-needles that electronically puncture the skin at supersonic speed. This is similar to the Dermapen for those of you who have tried it.

When you actually start the treatment the plasma is rubbed into the skin as they go over your face gently with a micro-needling. Your natural “serum” (plasma) acts as a glide for the pen to move seamlessly over you treated area and seeps in, getting to work right away. After the first pass of the skin needle the remaining serum is massaged into the area for that final boost.

Glam Adelaide spoke with Dr. Rahma Targett at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, one of South Australia’s first clinics to bring in this new technology about why she loves FACTOR4.

“The main difference with PRP and FACTOR4 is that you haven’t removed the impurities in the blood, while with FACTOR4 you have filtered out the bad stuff during the incubation process and you’re then left with all of your own collagen stimulating plasma” says Dr. Targett.

“With PRP you also have to withdraw blood every time before your treatment whereas with FACTOR4 it’s done at the start of your course of treatments and frozen for next time.”

Patients can expect to start seeing results after a couple of weeks from the first treatment. Three or four treatments two to four weeks apart is standard treatment protocol for the great results but you can go in weekly if you want results faster.

Clinics Offering FACTOR4 in South Australia

Advanced Aesthetics Clinic
90B King William Road Hyde Park SA 5034
08 8272 6000

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine
55/55 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006
0403 690 031

Balabala Laser Clinic
Level 1, 64 Grote St Adelaide, SA 5000
08 7078 1806

Diamond Medi Spa
46 Hillier Road Morphett Vale, Adelaide, SA 5162
08 8384 1599

For more information please visit:

If it’s before and after shots you’re after, check out FACTOR4 on Facebook and Instagram. Stay up to date with salons like Advanced Cosmetic Medicine here and here.

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