Fancy Some Polo In The City?

Fancy Some Polo In The City?

Polo in the City is back with another luxurious affair set for this summer. Come to think of it, when isn’t Polo about popped collars and crystal glassware?

There are already plenty of things to look forward to this summer. The sunshine is one, getting our pasty arms and shoulder a bit of colour and enjoying the green grass between our toes as we drink and eat like we don’t have our beach bod in the back of our minds… Polo in the City lets us do all those things. And there’s horsies. Woo!
At the center of the city, on December 9th, Victoria Park will be transformed into a field of the poshest sporting entertainment out there, if you don’t count social occasions as a sport unto themselves. Seeing as it’s the world’s largest national polo series in town, this promises to deliver not only an impressive display of horsemanship, but also a lively afternoon of beats from local DJs, delicious food and drinks all included in the ticket price (we hope).
Soak up the action up-close with comfortable front-row seats in the Somersby Polo Lounge with plenty of food and drink on hand and if you feel so inclined you have time to get involved in the ‘Fashion on the Field’ competition.

Or you can upgrade your experience and enjoy the luxury of the picnic or the super-exclusive VIP or corporate marquees. Because a little luxury just isn’t enough. This is some serious old-English classy stuff.

Get your tickets here, starting at $72.90, for a luxurious day out in the sun. Find out more from the Polo In The City website.

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