Feast Festival: Joanne Is Back, Jack, Jackie!

Feast Festival: Joanne Is Back, Jack, Jackie!

It’s Feast time, and Adelaide is gonna party like it’s 1997! Here’s our chat with icon Joanne who’s in town for the Festival.


It’s Feast time, and Adelaide is gonna party like it’s 1997!

Among the stellar lineup is the amazing and lovely Joanne, who rose to fame with her 1998 hit ‘Jackie’ and won an ARIA for her efforts. She’s in town for the opening night party tomorrow, and took the time to have a quick chat with Glam Adelaide in between a mad schedule.

“I’m really excited, I can’t wait til tomorrow- I’m SO rapped!”

This is Joanne’s first Feast Festival, and marks a year to the day since she played here in Adelaide, so it’s another cause for celebration as it’s Feast ‘s 20th Anniversary!

“it’s been 20 years since Jackie came out, am I that old? (laughs). I was too busy having fun to watch time flying.” says Joanne. In the time between, she’s toured with acts like Destiny’s Child, Shaggy, Craig David, and Nelly Furtado among others. “When you get to tour with artists you love, it’s awesome. Sometimes we really connect, it’s so lovely. You want to show so much respect for people, especially when you’re touring but some artists really love to engage with others. I love that energy of opening for another artist. Touring is a lot of fun.”

Do you ever pinch yourself as to how your life has turned out?

“My situation was quite bizarre, I literally went from High School straight into the industry.I was a girl who always wanted to do it (entertaining), I was a normal kid who happened to meet my Manager and fell into it right away. I had that feeling when I was young that I’d make it.. I pinch myself now at 38 at how my debut single has stood the test of time, that’s crazy to me, and very cool.”

Joanne cites Jessica Mauboy as an artist she admires, and sees as the ‘next big thing’. “She’s able to do everything, act sing, dance, she’s amazing!”


We speak about the industry in general, and Joanne cites the resurgence in good old rock as being a staple of Aussie music.She’s articulate, easy going, and is a very down to earth soul. I declare my allegiance to the Indie Rock scene, hoping not to throw her off, but she totally gets more than just what pop is about

“That scene has always been strong and resilient. The confidence in that genre has been great, and we’ve forged such an ‘Australian’ identity.”  Spot on!

We get back to her own career, and what motivated her to keep going. ” I love performing now more than I did then. And if you look at the video for Jackie that Boob Tube I’m wearing is long gone, and I can’t even get it over my leg these days (we both laugh). I laugh and cringe when I watch that, but it’s all in good fun just like the 90’s were. I still dance a lot and get the party going…”

And that’s exactly what she’ll be doing tomorrow night for the Feast Launch- head on down to Opening Night Party – Sat 11th November, 6pm till late.



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