Feast Festival Review: Hans’ 10th Birthday Party

An energetic show is awaiting as Matt Gilbertson’s German alter ego, Hans, breaks out on stage to celebrate his tenth birthday.

Presented by the Feast Festival
Reviewed 10 November 2013

An energetic show is awaiting as Matt Gilbertson’s German alter ego, Hans, breaks out on stage to celebrate his tenth birthday.

We are welcomed into the toasty warm and intimately light room, all alluding to a close encounter that will be had with Hans. Even before the music begins, the scene is set in the Queer Nexus Theatre (Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre) at the Feast ANZ Cluster in the Lion Arts Centre with sugary treats, fairy bread and everything you’d expect at a tenth birthday waiting on the table.

Once the official birthday party begins on stage, Hans breaks into flamboyant renditions of many pop hits all accompanied to high energy dance numbers that cause feathers, sequins and sweat to flow across the stage.

Hans’ comedic work is a standout throughout the show. His quick tongue and wicked attitude work in his favour as he mingles with his crowd and banters with a few of his regular guests. He also takes the time to show off his own musical talents with an impressive piano solo and the well-loved piano accordion making an appearance.

On stage, Hans is joined by a four piece band, The Ungrateful Bastards, who play skilfully around the false starts in the backing tracks and the impromptu nature of Hans’ performance. Matching Hans in costume changes are The Lucky Bitches, four back up dancers who are stunning on stage but make sure not to steal the show from the birthday boy.

The costumes truly shine. The tight, short numbers are loaded with bright colours, sequins and feathers that shimmer through all the twerking, twisting and thrusting. The costume changes between songs are smooth transitions. Video footage of Hans’ inspirations and his successes, such as his 30 hour marathon of Madonna music played on piano accordion, aid the introduction to the subsequent music numbers.

The mistiming in the backtracking, microphones and lighting did not detract from the overall entertainment of the performance with Hans integrating them into his comedic banter to the pleasure of the crowd. The show ends on a bang with an exhausted Hans making it to the end and through to the encore.

Hans’ 10th Birthday Party is a fun night out in the welcoming atmosphere of the Feast ANZ Cluster.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin

Venue: Queer Nexus Theatre, Feast ANZ Cluster, Lion Arts Centre
Season: 17 & 22 November 2013
Duration: 70mins
Tickets: $23 – $31
Bookings: Book at FEASTiX



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