Feast Festival Review: Pony Male Revue – Ride It

Billed as a ‘show that will leave you breathless’ Pony Male Revue presents a new production called Ride It.


Presented by:Adelaide Feast Festival

Reviewed:  14 November 2020

Although the word ‘striptease’ originated around 1932, the artform has been around almost since the beginning of time.  Biblical tales of sensual, erotic dancing have been read all the way through to today’s high-tech strip-shows.  The art of slowly discarding clothes seem to still hold a huge fascination for audiences.  Many still want to know what lies beneath garments, thinking the person doing the unveiling will reveal all.  Of course, they don’t as even naked, the audience are still none the wiser as to the strip artist’s true personality.  But that doesn’t take away from the fun of such shows with the training and ability to seduce a skill few have.  Some shows go ‘all the way’ in total nakedness, while others leave things to the imagination.  The Full Monty popularised stripping, especially male stripping, all over again with its hit movie. Gypsy Rose Lee, Channing Tatum and Dita Von Teese among others have all trod the boards of strip shows with great success.

Billed as a ‘show that will leave you breathless’ Pony Male Revue presents a new production called Ride It.  If you’re expecting a high-class evening, then maybe this isn’t for you.  But if you want ‘hot men, camp drag and a magical experience’ according to the promos, then Ride It should please.  A hybrid strip/drag queen show, it’s a camp ride full of glitter and brawn.  Although labelled as being part of the Feast Festival, the show didn’t highlight this connection much and it played very loose with the time-slot as indicated on the ticket.  But once the show eventually got going, it worked a treat.

The mainly female audience lapped it up with the evident Hen’s night crowd having a grand time.  Much screaming and yelling was heard as the strippers grinded, grunted and pulsated their way into their dreams. Stripping is all about expressing desire, which the men did very well.  They had the moves down pat, with one new to the stripping game performing like a pro.  There’s never been such a thing as ‘high-class stripping’ with stripping’s sleazy atmosphere there no matter where or who does it.  But the muscled gents did their job well and they connected with their audience superbly.  Plenty of women as well as a few brave men joined them on stage while they gyrated and did things unsuitable for print.  Seated with me at the front of the stage, my guest for the evening found himself part of the show a few times too with his surprised enjoyment a fun part of the evening.

The hostess for the evening was drag artiste Shania Twatt.  A lady of beguiling talent and feisty demeanour, she kept the show moving along with her cutting barbs, powerful singing and sparkling wit.  Yours truly and guest were targets for her waspish humour, all taken in good fun and mirrored her relaxed handling of the audience.  This was evident when a small hiccup interrupted the show’s second act where a music issue held up proceedings. Like any pro, she quickly came up with a new idea to keep the show going.  Her commitment to the community was clearly seen and it was interesting to be in the space where the reborn Mars Bar now resides.  The staging and lighting were first rate and the whole décor of the new establishment fitted in well with the show itself. 

Despite a few technical issues and late start, Ride It was generally entertaining.  Apparently, it’s a permanent fixture every Saturday night before Mars Bar itself takes over the space.  Those with open minds will find this show very adult fun with the men and Ms. Twatt an entertaining group to be with.  If it irons out a few things and presents a tighter show, it will work perfectly.  But the friendly bar staff, waiters, strippers and Ms. Twatt will ensure a memorable evening will be had with your clothes on.

Rating out of 5:  3.5

Reviewed by Patrick Moore

Twitter: @PatrickMoore14

Venue: Pony Club

Season: 14 & 28 November 2020

Duration: 3 hrs.

Tickets: $25/$20 concession.

Bookings: Book online at www.feast.org.au/events/pony-male-revue/

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