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Feast Festival Review: Queerlesque

Queerlesque is an entertainingly varied burlesque that playfully tells beautiful, humorous and captivating stories of LGBTIQ performers from all around Australia.

Presented by Ivy Fox, Full Bodied Burlesque & Feast Festival
Reviewed 27 November 2015

Queerlesque is an entertainingly varied burlesque that playfully tells the beautiful, humorous and captivating stories of these performers from all around Australia who identify under the LGBTIQ rainbow.

Through their colourful and exciting strip tease routines, the performers spoke of their journeys and experiences living the life of diversity that the Feast Festival celebrates. These include judgements made about their lifestyle, rejection by peers and communities, the contrasting dynamics between gender norms, and the individual journeys of self-acceptance.

Petite Vivienne Von Coffin began the show by reflecting on the rejection of who you are by someone close, but balanced this pain with the acceptance and beauty that can bloom from then finding yourself. This wonderful tease kept the audience lusting for more as Vivienne gently swept across the stage behind her large pink feathered fans.

The producer of the show, the stunningly beautiful Ivy Fox, performed a humorous and enchanting routine that poked fun at the ignorant comments and bizarre questions she experiences as a lesbian. Her routine was choreographed to perfection which is not surprising from this multi-award winning performer who mesmerized the audience.

Melbourne burlesque performer Bam Bam was a highlight, giving a punchy performance that captivated our attention from beginning to end. She played with the line between masculine and feminine gender norms in a humorous and entertaining fashion, combined with some outrageous and dramatic dance moves.

Sydney-sider Cherry Button incorporated many more dance elements into her performance, which contrasted her strip tease to those who had gone before. Similar to Bam Bam, she shifted her moves and costumes between stereotypical masculinity and over-the-top cutesy femininity. A highlight was her statuesque ballet moves that, combined with her emotional choice of music, moved the audience with its beauty.

The MC for the night, Adelaide comedian Patrick McCaffrie, was an added delight leaving the audience in hysterics. From taking the mickey out of our controversial former Prime Minister to discussing what he calls his penis, he was a fantastic addition to an already humorous show. Hopefully we will see a lot more of him around the Adelaide comedy scene.

Overall Queerlesque is a fantastically entertaining and humorous night out that also highlights the many “roads less travelled by” these queer performers have experienced.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

Venue: Nexus Theatre, Lion Arts Centre Courtyard corner North Terrace and Morphett Street, Adelaide
Season: Ended
Duration: 1 hour (15 min intermission)

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