Feast Festival Review: The Dykeside – Two Left

Feast Festival’s comedy line up has come to Raj House with The Dykeside – Two Left.

Presented by Feast Festival
Reviewed 15 November 2018

Feast Festival’s comedy line up has come to Raj House with The Dykeside – Two Left.

The Dykeside is back in Adelaide and they are down to two comedians. The originals, Lori Bell and Bobby Macumber are quick to highlight the development of the show and the adjustment to the lineup as part of their comedy set.

Bell is a regular to the Adelaide comedy stage and knows how to interact with the local audience with quick wit and local knowledge. The adaptation of her comedy style for the Feast audience came across naturally with a homely feel to her work on show. Macumber matches Bell’s style on stage and balances out the dryness in some of the shows overall work with a fun, over the top and energetic personality.

The Dykeside has come a long was since the early productions. The timing in the humour and the use of contemporary personal stories have updated the work nicely and have opened the audience to a wider variety of anyone who keeps up to to date with political and festival activities.

Injected into the set was an ensemble of parody songs, in particular their rewritten versions of popular Disney songs. These were smart, well written pieces that played into the queer aspects underlying their overall comedy, and the pop culture references that are relatable to a broader audience.

The Dykeside was at Feast for one show only this season but both Bell and Macumber are a part of other Feast shows including the Comedy Gayla at Raj House. They are ones to watch for a guaranteed solid night of comedy.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

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