Feast Festival Review: Two Brunettes and A Gay

Feast Festival Review: Two Brunettes and A Gay


Presented by Red Lip Stick Singers
Reviewed 5 November 2016

Two Brunettes and A Gay sells itself as a cabaret-comedy show with a ‘modern-twist’ starring Aaron Collis, Celeste Carbone and Deanna Kengas. It features a set of well-known songs that turned into a bit of a sing along toward the end.

It is a tightly scripted show that seeks to give each performer equal time on stage and reveal a little about the trio’s connections to each other.

The show is a high energy production and the performers clearly have a passion and enjoy the work they do. It is loosely set around the description of a takeaway meal deal (cheaper together), and each performer playing to their descriptors, such as icy cold.

The costumes were colourful and semi-risqué with a mixture of modified iconic movie and film clip. Their changes were smooth and rehearsed. A slightly longer pause between songs may allow time to banter a little more with the audience and away from their script.

Unfortunately, the stage wasn’t really set up for their style of show. The stage is rather low, so when any physical humour involved lowering themselves couldn’t be seen beyond the first row. The microphone stands were left on stage for the entire show, despite only being used for a couple of songs, also obscuring the view slightly.

A chunk of the banter was lost as well with the mix of quiet voices and microphones. It was also a bit hard, sitting from the back, to read the expressions of the performers, which didn’t always match up with their lines. They were smiling even through the sass and deeper side comments which lowered the impact of the line.

Collis, Carbone and Kengas put on a lively performance that is carried by their song selection and enthusiasm in a show that’s a bedazzled karaoke fantasy.

Reviewed by: Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

One night only – Season Ended




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