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Feast Festival Review: Twunks (Past Tense of Twinks) Live!

Presented by the Feast Festival
Reviewed 21 November 2013

Three former twinks, Nath Valvo, Brendan Maclean and Thomas Jaspers, take to the stage, each with their unique comedy styles to present a loosely scripted show that centres on one thing they have in common: they are now called twunks.

The ensemble of cast members leads to a very animated production and the appearance of special guests at each show adds a freshness that provides plenty of new laughs with each performance. The construction of the show allows for all the comedians’ talents to be on display whilst being held together with the basic idea of sharing what they used to do together on a Friday night as twinks.

Valvo takes the lead with introductions and he works comfortably throughout the show as the person responsible for the timeliness of the acts. His bouncy performance adds delight and humour to his many tales which push the boundaries of humour while explaining how it feels to be an almost-thirty year old.

Jaspers, in his second Feast show, has a mellow style that blends smoothly with the vivacious movements of Maclean and Valvo. Following Jaspers around Feast is his alter ego ‘Rhonda Butchmore’ who lives up to her name with her bitchy, celebrity-based humour.

Brendan Maclean, filling in for Joel Creasey, owns his position on stage with his infectious energy. His over the top dance moves and superb singing voice adds an extra element to the show, preventing it from being pure storytelling.

The stage setting provides plenty of room for outrageous dancing whilst providing space for a couch for guests and a screen to present the pre-recorded introduction. The show features high levels of crowd participation with many crowd members actively involved in a variety of situations. Even Nova 91.9 breakfast radio presenters Lewis and Lowe make an appearance to receive an education into the sex lives of gay men via a game of charades.

There are plenty of eye opening and cringe worthy moments throughout the show with the comedians making use of the 18+ restriction on Twunks.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin

Venue: The Blender, Fowlers Live, The Feast ANZ Cluster (Lion Arts Centre
Season: 21 – 23 November 2013
Duration: 75 mins
Tickets: $15 – $25
Bookings: Book at FeastTix


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