‘Feminism Ruins Everything’, The Hit Feminist Podcast, Is Stepping Out Of The Recording Studio And Onto The Stage

Adelaide-based performers and podcasters Millicent Sarre and Ellis Dolan are excited to be bringing their new feminist podcast Feminism Ruins Everything to the stage.

Adelaide-based performers and podcasters Millicent Sarre and Ellis Dolan are excited to be bringing their new feminist podcast Feminism Ruins Everything to the stage. They will be joined by live audiences for the recording of two episodes in their October 2020 season of Feminism Ruins Everything: LIVE.

The premise of the podcast is simple; each week Sarre and Dolan take a movie, musical, or pop culture phenomenon, give it a feminist critique, and, in doing so, potentially ruin it. The live shows will be no exception. Audiences can look forward to a discussion about Disney hit Frozen in the first live show on the 24th of October, and a deep dive into 90s sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on the 30th of October. And given the different subject matter across shows, audiences can attend twice and experience two entirely different shows.

Adelaide audiences can not only look forward to a fun discussion of the feminist merits (or lack thereof!) of the two works, but a healthy dose of audience interaction, and musical performances from the two seasoned singers, including Love is an Open Door from Frozen and I’ll Be There (For You), the theme song to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

On the benefits of a live podcast recording, Sarre speaks of the ability to interact with the podcast’s listeners: “We’re often told by our listeners that they find themselves wanting to weigh in and add their point of view to the discussion, and that’s something we’re aiming to incorporate into the live shows, that interactive element.

“Live podcast recordings are something we’ve seen become really popular in recent years, and we’re really excited to be following the trend. As stage performers, we’re both used to being able to have an immediate connection with our audiences, and of course that’s not something you get in a pre-recorded medium, so it’ll be wonderful to be able to combine the two.”

In fact, the ability of podcasts to connect with remote and distant audiences was a factor in Feminism Ruins Everything’s inception. When COVID-19 restrictions came into place earlier in the year, both artists found themselves unable to perform, Dolan having been touring with the Australasian tour of School of Rock, and Sarre having been performing her cabaret Friendly Feminism. Creating a podcast allowed the two to reach their audiences while remaining COVID-compliant.

But with restrictions in South Australia having been relaxed to the point that live theatre can take place once more, the two performers are excited to take to the stage and share their new venture with live audiences. Tickets to Feminism Ruins Everything: LIVE! are on-sale now.

Feminism Ruins Everything: LIVE, presented by Millicent Sarre and Ellis Dolan, will be performing two sessions in the Back to Back Festival at Star Theatres, South Australia at 6pm on the 24th (Frozen) and 30th (Friends) October 2020. All tickets $30.

Tickets available via Star Theatres website, or via the following links: Tickets to Frozen session. Tickets to Friends session.

Venue is accessible and COVID-19 restriction compliant. October 24th session recommended for ages 10+ and October 30th session recommended for ages 12+ (mild coarse language and mature themes).

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