Ferment The Festival Launches Epic Program

Ferment The Festival Launches Epic Program

The program for Australia’s first fermentation festival that is set to showcase some of the country’s finest artisans of fermented foods and beverages will be launched today.


The program for Australia’s first fermentation festival that is set to showcase some of the country’s finest artisans of fermented foods and beverages will be launched today.

More than 100 of the country’s leading chefs, food producers, educators, wine makers, artists, film makers and journalists are set to gather in Adelaide from 19 –22 October to share their knowledge and passion for fermented foods and indulge in the quality innovation and craftmanship of South Australian producers.

FERMENT the FESTIVAL will officially kick off with an exclusive event, Ferment the Dinner, a FERMENTED FEAST where guests will be treated to an eight-course meal. Each course prepared by a renowned Australian chef led by Festival Patron Jock Zonfrillo.

Another program highlight includes a VIP wine tasting experience with wines from the Great Wine Capitals of the World. The Grand Tasting Masterclass – hosted by wine hero Paul Henry will be on Friday, October 20.

Over three days there will be a series of Ferment Labs run by MasterChef finalist Jessie Spilby, Chef Simon Bryant, cheesemaker Mitch Lloyd, cultured butter specialist Pepe Saya and food curator and author Rebecca Sullivan which will give people the opportunity to learn how to make butter, kimchi, sauerkraut and other fermented treats.

A range of Ferment Bars and Masterclasses will offer a live, hands-on insight into the process of the fermentation and brewing of liquids such as wine, beer, cider, tea, whisky, brandy, Espressso Martinis and Gin and Tonic with NOLA , Applewood, Hills Cider, 23rd st Distillery and host of other local beverage producers.

FERMENT the FESTIVAL director Kris Lloyd said whether people want to come to learn hands on, listen to stories of fermentation, or just consume all the fabulous produce on offer, there will be a place for everyone at the festival.

“Ferment the Festival is a showcase of how we are pioneering innovative food experiences in South Australia – leading the way with food,” Kris said.

“It is an exciting time to be bringing fermentation to the forefront, while the concept of fermentation might be new to some it has actually been going on for thousands of years and we look forward to entertaining and educating
people about it, especially seeing all the recent commentary around the health benefits of eating fermented food.”

FERMENT the FESTIVAL in numbers:
• 43 Food producers
• 10 International and national chefs
• 3 Bars • 15 Workshops and Masterclasses
• 120 Local businesses
• 24 Ferment Labs
• 25 Cheesemakers

People will also be able grab some great tasting food by Street ADL, Prawnshack, Simon Bryant, Spice Kitchen, Small World Bakery, Sprout, Lost Loaf, The Colonist and more.

In keeping with the festival’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint and respect the land and food, FERMENT the FESTIVAL’s program will be launched online and only accessible via its mobile app and website.

Tickets are available for sale online: www.fermentthefestival.com.au/home/book-tickets/

Early bird tickets are $25 until 30 August.

When: Friday, October 20: 4pm-10pm
Saturday, October 21: 12pm – 7pm
Sunday, October 22: 12pm – 5pm
Where: Rundle Park, Murlawirrapurka, Adelaide
Entry cost: $25 earlybird until 30 August or $30 after, $50 weekend pass.
Labs: $25 – $35

For more information visit: fermentthefestival.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fermentthefestival
Twitter: @_FERMENT_
Instagram: @fermentthefestival

Photography by: Duy Dash

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